Monday, September 28, 2009

running sucks!

~i'm 4 full months into this running crap.

~i started with the hopes of (1) getting into better shape and (2) losing the remaining baby weight.

~neither has happened. I have actually gained weight & my clothes do not fit me any better, so why the hell should I continue this? and don't say the weight gain is muscle unless you want me to smack you. 4 months in, it's NOT muscle!!

~the month of september has completely sucked for my running. that last weekend in august just did me in.

~i keep getting the left leg/calf pain. it was gone for one week in september when I actually got in one or two 4 mile runs, but otherwise it's been there & prevented me from running farther.

~i only ran 1.58 miles today. that is freakin' embarrassing!

~it seems i need at least 2 days of recovery after running on pavement/asphalt. I ran/walked on Saturday @ a local park and today almost immediately my left leg began to ache along with some shin splits. what joy.

~i want to quit!

~it's a good thing I already forked out my $$ for the WDW Princess 1/2 because otherwise I would NEVER run another day in my life. it's certainly NOT fun and clearly is NOT working for me in other areas.

~it's looking like I'll be the very last of the Bloggerdash contestants to finish that race. heck, maybe i'll be the very last contestant period. now that would be humiliating.

~running sucks.

p.s. Dawn, can you please secure a wheelchair for me on the afternoon of March 7th as I will likely be UNable to walk after that stupid race!!!

p.p.s. Who's idea was this anyway? Someone please hit me over the head next time I think I have such a (un) brilliant idea. Thank you.


Rachel said...

:( I'm sorry you're feeling so crappy about running, lady :( It's a bummer...

Nichole M said...

I'm sorry you're so discouraged. I hate it when I feel that way, too. Despite all the exercising I'm doing, I'm not dropping any weight, either. Which means now I have to do the really hard part... curb my eating WAY back.

ugh. weight issues suck. damn genes making us famine-resistant.

Kris said...

I feel you're pain and I always re-asses what it is I am actually doing to see if there is anything I could rework... food...alcohol... sometimes working your butt of in sneakers is not enough for some. :o(

Cornered said...

=) I loved your post! I have been trying to run and freaking hate it! Everyone I talk to acts like its this miracle drug that does wonders. I completely related to everything you said. Misery loves company and am so glad to hear that someone hates it as much as I have done so much better than I have. Be proud of what you've accomplished and I'm sure you'll be impressed yourself at the finish line. Goodluck

Fidgeting Gidget said...

:( That's why I don't run, because I'm afraid of exactly what you just said! I know that's not nice to say, but it's true.

That being said, though, Bloggerdash is good motivation, and if I can, I'll cross the cheerleader's tape and run the last mile with you!:) Promise.

Travel & Dive Girl said...

I feel your pain - running is absolutely the worst thing on earth. It's not rewarding and certainly not fun.

You should be proud of what you have accomplished - even if it's not what you've hoped for, you've done wonderful.

I couldn't even make it through 2 weeks of my running clinic before I was sidelined with torn hip flexor muscles. Even once I'm better, I doubt if I'll run again because it wasn't fun.

Anonymous said...

It's not muscle. My uncle has run 5 miles every morning for as long as I can remember, and he's not muscular at all, and sometimes not even thin. I'm sure you have awesomely increased your cardiovascular capabilities though.

Maybe you should do like someone said the other day and keep a food log that tracks all of your calories. I use an online one that Chele uses (or used to). It costs $9 a month, but they have calories for lots of food, both store bought and restaurant. Maybe for a month it will help? I always keep track, and even though I am not always losing weight, at least on those days when I eat more than I should, I'm aware that I'm doing it, and just choose to do it anyway!

K13 said...

honestly, i don't know what I can do different at this point besides more of the same.

i track my eating with an app on my iTouch.

i track my exercise everywhere it seems. lol!

i don't drink a lick of alcohol. (for the record, i just don't care for the taste of it)

i drink at least a couple bottles of water per day - lately even more with my only h20 quest.

when i drink soda, it's diet & usually caffeine free.

i drink 2% milk. that's as low as i can go on that.

heck, what's left?

Anonymous said...

Maybe the switch to water for a week will help? I always read that diet soda causes people to gain weight, though I'm not sure I buy it (except for those who drink diet and then eat a candy bar because of the switch). Maybe it is high in sodium and you're retaining water? Maybe it is a medical something that is worth having checked out. I mean if you're seriously exercising and watching what you're eating, there should be some movement, either in the scale or at least in how clothes fit. It's one thing to gain a bit or stay the same and know that you're trying, it's another to gain when you're doing everything right.

~**Dawn**~ said...

Whatever happens at Bloggerdash, there will be a Dole Whip at the end. Dole Whips fix everything.

Tattie said...

I'm sorry to hear about your leg pain that keeps bothering you and interfering with your running. I hear and feel you pain, and wish there was something I could do that would help you. Regular massage therapy might help, but could be costly.

Don't be too discouraged about the weight loss - it never comes off as fast as we would like it to. Please hang in.

Best regards

Tricia said...

You say that you are tracking calories? Is it possible you aren't eating enough and have thrown your body into starvation mode? Just a thought?

I know when I was on WW and got to a point where I wasn't losing it was because I wasn't using all my points at all. I started eating all my points and using my fitness points too and I started losing again.

Loredana said...

Hey there, I was thinking about this blog on the way home yesterday and I got sad for you because you want to give up on running. I know running isn't for everyone but it seems like you put a lot of effort into it and maybe you're just going through a rough patch. The weight loss, as I've experienced, comes with running AND with weight training (& of course with out eating every little bit of oreo cookie in my pantry!).

So I hope you hang in there and if not, hey, there's always just walking!

M.J. said...

Hang in there. I am not a runner, but I have friends who do marathons and they always have these ups and downs. I guess there is a love-hate relationship with this type of thing.

Valerie said...

Hey I left something on my blog for you...maybe that will cheer you up?

Rob said...

What are you eating? When you run or exercise you are actually burning way more calories than you did before so of course your eating habbits grow. So you should expect more eating. Now if you stuff yourself with high fat foods then you probably won't see much in weight loss. Even if you run you still need to eat healthy for weight loss.

This maybe hard to try but try running off the pavement occassionally. Maybe give yourself one week of no running but walking. Give your body time to rest some.

I do marathons and triathlons and still need to reserve one week a month for easy relaxing exercise. I feel great after.

Good luck You gone a long way don't give up now.

Optimistic Pessimist said...

I feel you're weightloss for this runner either. I am freakin' floored that I'm not in modelesque shape by now.

I had really bad shin/calf pain in my right leg yesterday. I had to stop running 1 mile in. It was super bad. I walked it out for a little bit and then started jogging as slow as humanly possible and then gradually picked up the pace. This only happens to me when I run in the thinking that perhaps my legs are tired from the day. Other than that I'm clueless why it is still happening.

Either way I'm really looking forward to the Bloggerdash (other than the flying part) and will be one of your biggest cheerleaders.

Tisha said...

Have you tried powerwalking, instead of running? I have been walking 6k four times a week for 5 months, (most weeks) I've dropped 2 pant sizes in that time. A fitness friend of mine told me powerwalking is way better for your body than running. Just as good of a workout but less impact. If you carry light weights and really pump your arms, you can get your heartrate up. And that's the important part, apparently. It's working for me, might be an idea for you :) Good luck!