Saturday, September 26, 2009

thankful for...

~i certainly post (more than) my fair share of ranty/complaining posts and so today I bring you a post of things I am thankful for....hold on to your seats!!

~i am thankful for the lady in line behind me at walmart last weekend who GAVE me a full box of Size 4 Diapers that she had in her car.

~i am thankful for the lady i met today when i went to the operation bootcamp which actually did not take place (boo!) so instead her and i walked/ran twice around the 2.1 mile trail there at the park and had a great chat.

~i am thankful for break & bake chocolate chip cookies. quick, easy & delicious.

~i am thankful for "finding" new songs that i "find out who your friends are" by tracy lawrence, "back in this cigarette" and "truth" by jason aldean.

~i am thankful for Grey's Anatomy being back & that I got to watch 90 of the 120 minutes of it uninterrupted & in peace & quiet. truly a miracle.


Rachel said...

Great list of things to be thankful for!! :) I am thankful for the kindness of strangers. All of them :)

JW.BW said...

Nice!!! Great list!! I am a huge Jason Aldean fan!!! You def should download his new cd too. I love it, listen to it everyday!!

emilysuze said...

What a wonderful lady at Wal-mart! And who isn't grateful for Grey's being back on?!? :)

~**Dawn**~ said...

It feels good to find the good parts of life that can be so easily overlooked, doesn't it? At least there is some sunshine among the shadows.

OMG Grey's. I am so glad it's back on again!

msprimadonna67 said...

It's the small stuff that adds up to happy: )