Wednesday, September 02, 2009

weekend plans & more

~looks like we'll be heading to VA this weekend - to my (step) sister's house. it should be fun. I really cannot "afford" to lose the study time, but well, it'll just have to be. I'll try to read some on the way there. initially only E and I were going, but this morning O said he's planning to come along as there is NO work this weekend, being a holiday weekend and all. i don't think I need to voice my feelings/opinions on all of that...if you've been reading for any time at all, you know how I feel. hopefully there will be so much going on that things will go smoothly. my sis and I are planning to get pedicures together on Saturday. hooray for that! also, i'll need to squeeze a run in at some point and the roads by her house are pretty dangerous for running, so we'll hopefully head over to VA TECH and run there. Campuses are always fun for running...well as FUN as running can be, anyway.

~i feel somewhat guilty about this vent, but it must be said and hopefully i'll feel better afterwards. my mom is on a perpetual diet & has seemed to be much more committed to it since marrying current husband (another story, another day). she works out with a trainer 2x per week and additionally at home. they've also recently started some carb elimination thing and she has mentioned that the lbs have been coming off of both of them since. she also goes to WW and often reports her results to me. the other day she mentioned that she has some pants that are just WAY TOO BIG for her and that she'll pass them to me (oh yay) to wear until I get back down to my pre-baby shape & weight (which at this point I think may never happen). I'm sorry but it is very hard for me to celebrate her accomplishment WITH her (or even fake joyfullness) when I'm struggling SOOOO much to lose even one effin pound - and she KNOWS how frustrated I am. I guess it's just me and I'd be a bit more sensitive in discussing this topic with me, if I were her. And when I share my frustration with not having lost ONE SINGLE POUND since beginning my running (3 months ago) & quitting nursing (2 months ago) she usually responds with "keep at it, it will happen"....not really the most motivational statement ever made. I love her dearly and we are VERY close, but this is a sore spot for me right now and I wish she would recognize that. I really don't want to tell her not to share her weight loss progress with me because that would just be mean.

~because I like to burn the candle at both ends, I am participating in Shimelle's Learn Something New Everyday Class for the month of September. Yesterday was (obviously) the first day...I am making a small 6x6 album and the idea is to do a small layout everyday about what you've learned that day. The challenge for me is that there are many things I may learn/observe that I don't necessarily want to document or well, aren't meant for eyes other than my I'll have to put a little bit of additional creativity into it. Here is my layout from yesterday 9.1.09...oh and after I scanned it, I stamped the date on it, so you don't see that here...
I'm trying to stick to a green/blue/kraft(brown) color scheme, so we'll see how that goes throughout. I'm also using ONLY product that I already have. There will be no buying of new's NOT in the budget. I'll have to scan & post the cover to the album tonight or's similar to Shimelle's but still different.

~I'm also trying to step outside of my scrapbooking "box" as I feel a bit behind the times...and well, I would really like to work on being published happened a few times long, long ago and I imagine it is likely more difficult now due to there being less publications out there, but it sure would be nice. I probably don't have a snowball's chance in hell at it, especially since I don't typically run out and buy the newest products/papers, but i suppose it's worth a try anyway. *sigh*

~then again, maybe I won't really try. it seems like too much effort & if I were really good at it, well, it would come easily...instead putting pages together is ridiculously time consuming and occasionally even painful.

~i know i said i wouldn't mention it again, but i do tend to ruminate on certain things and I'm really bummed about my "forever lost" blogs again....they would be so FUN to read right now.

~a friend at work loaned me her Garmin 305 GPS watch to try's the same one from my I Want Wednesday post a few weeks I'm excited to see all the fun stuff it can do! Too bad it can't actually DO the run for me too. :)


Travel & Dive Girl said...

OH OH - once you try the watch, you will be hooked...good for you!

I can understand your weight loss frustration - I have a friend that is complaining "that she has lost so much weight, that she needs to buy a new bathing suit". There are days when I actually HATE her. Today is one of them...

Have fun this weekend!

emilysuze said...

Weight loss blows. I have a friend who had a baby a month before me and she's complaining that she now weighs under 100 pounds (she is super short so she's not weirdly anorexic, I promise) and it's so frustrating. I finally put away the maternity pants this week and bought new pants in my new big girl size. Ugh.

And I think your scrapbooking skills are mad crazy (I hope I'm using that term correctly). Sounds like a fun challenge for the month.

Have fun in Virginia hanging out and getting a pedicure!

Rachel said...

have a good weekend in VA!

i don't have any weight loss advice. i haven't weighed myself in ages. mostly because it freaks me out.

the only thing i can suggest (and it sucks) is to eat only fresh fruits, fresh veggies, and tuna (with vegan mayo) and continue your workouts. then something will happen. and your body will rid itself with all of the unnatural sugars.

but again... it sucks. because you have to cut everything out of your life.

JW.BW said...

I hope you have a great run on campus!! That should be fun!!

Whenever my weight is just at a plateau and WILLNOT move its usually because of what I'm eating. I can run and run and run, but if I'm not super careful about what I eat it wont matter. It sucks.

Cool deal with the Garmin!! Let us know how it works out!!

JW.BW said...

Oh, PS>>> I left you a lil pressie on my blog

Optimistic Pessimist said...

I feel your pain about the not losing weight since starting running. Would you believe me if I told you I haven't either. And I'm not gaining muscle cause my pants still don't fit right.

Beth said...

The watch sounds fantastic! I want a really cool running watch one day.

As for your mom, I TOTALLY understand. I've always been the big girl in my family (and I'm not really big) because my mother and sister weigh so little. They have a completely different body type. Once I quit trying to match them (and I might be able to when I'm dead and decayed), I learned to appreciate my body more. Well, as much as one can appreciate badonkadonk butt.

Keep at the running thing and eating healthy. Once your hormones are all in order, you'll lose some weight.

Anonymous said...

I started running to lose weight, and it seemed like an all of the sudden thing - like all of a sudden my love handles were gone, and all of a sudden my butt didn't need a wide load sign.

You know though, that didn't start happening until I cut all excess calories - no more Starbucks, no more soda, no more snacks. I drank only water, except for hot (green, with one small spoonful raw sugar) tea in the mornings, and ate tons of fresh fruits and veggies.

Stress adds pounds ya know, and helps keep pounds on. But my stress level stayed the was when i stopped justifying treats to reward myself for running, which really was cancelling out the effects of running. Now, I have one starbucks drink a week, and one jones green apple soda a week. Those are my treats.

I have dropped TWO whole sizes doing this, and I feel better when I run, no more cramps or anything.

Hope this helps...

Anonymous said...

I was going to say something about the weight loss, but everybody else said stuff so I can't really add anything new.

Have fun in VA! Haha, and do what my word verification is while you're there. . .sleep!

~**Dawn**~ said...

About the scrapping/publishing thing. Anything worth doing, no matter how much fun it is, involves some degree of work/effort. The difference lies here: because it's something you enjoy & value, the work itself becomes fun simply because the process is (or at least should be) something you enjoy. As much as I love photography, it's a lot of work. I take 300 photos & maybe only 15 really come out the way I envisioned. But I like what I learned from those photos, from the process, determining what I like, what I want of the outcome, how I got there this time & how I can replicate it in the future. Scrapping a really awesome page may only happen once every dozen pages & it may involve some work, some a different way, but if you love to play with the paper & the embellishments, just sit back & enjoy the process. And also the gems that occasionally appear. =)