Wednesday, September 09, 2009

what a pain!

~so I ran last night. after work. on campus. it sucked. big time.

~i hit the 1 mile mark & my left calf & foot decided to scream at me. this is really annoying because i'm finally NOT winded & can keep running, but now my body doesn't want to cooperate. this pain first reared it's ugly head on the two 5K race weekend. honestly, since that weekend my running has gone downhill. strange though as I've had sufficient rest days. i'm super frustrated to say the least. i wish my lungs & my legs would get on the same freakin' page!! i'm also crazy discouraged. i keep having thoughts that I wasted the $140 I spent on the WDW 1/2 marathon because i feel like i'll never finish it. it's not that I want to win it-hell! I'm not stupid...I know that will NEVER happen, but I sure would like to put up a respectable time (for me) of (well) under 3 hours.
~photo disclaimer: NO. that is NOT me in the picture. I am much fatter & have shorter hair.

~on the bright side (if there is one) I finally tested out the Garmin 305 that I (thought I) so desperately wanted....just saved myself $160!! I knew it was BIG, but it's crazy BIG. Also, I think my wrist size is between the notches on the wristband because it was either too tight or too lose and kept moving on my wrist which annoyed the crap outta me. also, the band kept coming out of the silver thingee & so i feared that if i didn't keep checking it, i would lose it. i may have to look in the market for a smaller version. i probably don't need all the bells & whistles this one has anyway. So since I'm fore-going the I Want Wednesday post...I guess this is I Don't Want regards to the watch anyway.

~i have been toying with the idea of getting a running partner for some time now. it would be a way to get more outdoor running in and hopefully more miles as well. I have potentially found someone but she is at the very beginning of her training, so we will re-connect in a couple weeks. Also, since our schedules are crazy, we would probably only run together 2 times per week, sometimes three. and i may even end up with a new friend-gasp!!

~let me apologize now for being SO behind on my blog reading....I have 500+ in the reader right now and well, barely enough time to pee lately...

~today is O's birthday. he's 36 going on 12. i have class tonight so won't get home 'til a bit after 8pm and then we'll have cake, or maybe he'll have some, I really want to do a short 2 mile run on the tmill to restore my confidence. then maybe i'll have cake. hee hee!!

~on Thursday I am going to an elementary school to observe a special education classroom as well as to conduct an interview with their school counselor. should be an interesting assignment. i'm trying to get a jump on things and get some of this "busy-work" outta the way.

~i also have to watch a movie that involves a disability of some kind and do a short critique/film review paper. I have chosen to watch "the number 23" with Jim Carrey. Have you seen it? Thoughts?

~thanks again to all who completed my survey a couple weeks ago. i aced project #1 and now on to project #2, which I can use all the same data. I will be seeing if there is a correlation between the # of hrs spent blogging and the # of hours spent Twitter-ing amongst the 20-29yo bloggers. I would have hypothesized that they are correlated pre-data collection, but I no longer think so. I was truly surprised that so many of the 20-29 age group bloggers don't Tweet. :(

~A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton just came on my Slacker Radio and I must say that I really like that song. I digress....

~i finished reading "Time of My Life" by Alison Winn Scotch last night. It was good. I give it 3.5 stars. I only gave it 3 on Good Reads, but that is because 3.5 isn't an option and 4 was too many. It gets high marks for was quite different from anything i've read before in regards to the overall plot. I also found that I could relate (um, alot) to Jillian, the main character. Check it out if you like. I think you'll enjoy it. And it was a fast read. I'm NOT a fast reader and I finished it quickly, reading most of it this past weekend. Next up for FUN reading...I really want to read The Alchemist, but I don't have a copy of it right now, so instead I'll probably read either The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox or The Girl She Used to Be. Both are sitting on my nightstand. Cannot decide. Ooohh...maybe I'll set up a poll and let YOU choose!!! Please vote!


JW.BW said...

I'm sorry your feeling frustrated about your running!!! Maybe its time to add some yoga to your workout routine. It makes a HUGE difference in recovery time and reducing injury!! PROMISE!!!

K13 said...

Jessi-i wish I could fit Yoga into my schedule but I'm spread pretty thin as it is right now. Boo!

Chele76 said...

I think getting a running partner is an excellent idea. The natural competition forces you to do things you ordinarily wouldn't think possible. Heck, I wouldn't be doing these 40 mile bike rides if I didn't have a partner in crime.

Glad you found out about the garamin before you bought it! That would have been a horrible waste!

I saw 'the number 21' a few years ago and did not care for it. I don't remember the details except for the fact that it annoyed me.

run 2 miles tonight then indulge in the cake, you'll feel better if you do :)

Anonymous said...

I really liked the Number 23. It's a bit creepy at times, but definitely a good watch. Be prepared for twists/turns and etc.

Another Paulo Coelho suggestion: By the River Piedra I sat Down & Wept. AMAZING book. Very eye-opening for me.

And belated congrats on running the 1/2 marathon in Disney! One of my friends did it last year and she LOVED it.

Happy birthday to O and good luck with the run tonight!

Optimistic Pessimist said...

as far as the running goes...i hit those walls all the time. stay strong, if you can get over those walls it will start to get easier. There was a time when i struggled through 4 miles (i mean really struggled) and now it's such a simple easy run. You'll feel that way too after you run 13.1 miles at WDW!!!

Rachel said...

You CAN DO the 1/2 marathon! You have plenty of time to continue your training. don't beat yourself up (mentally, emotionally or physically). I have faith in you! :) YOU need to have faith in you too!

And I'm really behind in my reader too. Blah. :(

Kristi said...

watched 23 a few years ago and then dreamt about numbers all night long!!!! Very weird movie....

Tisha said...

I just read The Vanishing Act a couple weeks ago. I really enjoyed it :)

Beth said...

I totally understand! I've felt pretty frustrated, too. I want to be a runner - and not just pretend.

We will finish the half - we just may have to walk more thank we intended. You can do it!

Señorita Andalucíana said...

Too bad about the leg & foot pain, that really sucks because you've been so dedicated! I tried running (by that I mean walking LOTS) a few weeks back and I managed to give myself split shins and then 2 wks ago I developed a heel spur. Apparentlyd my arch is too high and flats hurt my feet. I guess that's why I like heels so much.

By the way I've read The Alchemist and I really liked. Really short read too :) ENjoy your books!

Two Flights Down said...

I admire your dedication to running. I can't run worth a crap. Seriously, I hope I never have to run for my life, because I'll probably die in the attempt to run.

I do yoga, though, which I enjoy and helps me do breathing exercises, which I should be doing anyway.

The Number 23? I saw it a long while back and I thought some scenes were interesting, but, overall, it was pretty predictable. I thought what happened wouldn't happen because it was too predictable and too many movies do it. But, it happened.

lindsay said...

i need to find a running friend too... my trouble is my crazy long work hours + commute, which doesn't leave much time to try and 'match up' with someone else. :( hope the new partner works out well!

hang in there with the running. pull out all the stops on trying to get yourself re-motivated. run with music/a new pump-up playlist? allow yourself to run/walk training run(s) to take some of the pressure off. try out some fun cross-training that can substitute as a good cardio workout.

i'm perpetually behind on google readering.... i feel you on that one.

~**Dawn**~ said...

I voted!

I've been pretty good about keeping up with my Google Reader. I went analog over the long weekend (didn't plan to but it happened & that was kinda nice actually) so I have been playing catch-up the last few days, but it was semi-tame beforehand so I've been able to get back into the swing quickly.

As for the 1/2 Marathon? Keep at it. You still have six months to get there. BUT bottom line? We'll be hanging out at WDW that weekend! It's already a smashing success. =)

The Gym Rat said...

You will absolutely be able to run your half marathon and make the time that you want to. Just keep your positive outlook on it. The foot pain and calf pain could be from a variety of things. Try adding something as simple as banana on the days that you run you could have been lacking potassium. You may have been dehydrated. Also take 5-10 minutes to stretch after you run. The recovery period is where the changes in your body actually occur. BTW The Alchemist is on of the best books and it may resonate more with you now because you are on a journey and have encountered some struggle. Best of luck to you. Stay strong.