Wednesday, May 05, 2010

20 questions

Because I am about to poke my eyes out due to extreme boredom in the office, here is a 20 questions post for you...kindly swiped from Dawn's blog!

1. What kind of weather do you most dread?

Frigid cold, which may or may not include icy or snow covered roads. I cannot stand being cold.

2. Which drives more of your decisions: your head or your heart?
Nowadays, my head. There was one decision I made a while back based on my heart and well, all it did was cause me headaches, heartaches & moments of complete rage.

3. When were you last in a church? What was the occasion?
Oh boy. This is bad. Really bad. Christmas was the last time. We had planned to go on Easter Sunday while in VA but it just didn't happen.

4. What is the closest framed photo to you?
There is a pic of me and E in a frame on the file cabinet next to my desk here at work. He is only about 9 months old in the picture, but it's one of my favorites.

5. Mustard goes on:
Turkey sandwiches. Hamburgers. Hot dogs.

6. Do you fold your underwear or does it just get stuffed in the drawer?
Okay, don't laugh. I fold in both "sides" and then roll them. It's how my mom did it, so that's how I do it.

7. Which Disney character is your favorite?
Pluto of course.

8. Do you sleep with bare feet or do you need socks on?
In the Summer I sleep barefoot unless it is unusually cool in the house. In the winter, you can pretty much guarantee I am sleeping with socks on. I usually find a pair or two in the bed by the end of the week.

9. Do you know how to shoot a gun?
Not really. I could probably do it, but I've not necessarily taken a lesson or been taught "how-to"

10. Have you ever taken pictures in a photo booth?
Yep...back in my high school days.

11. Do you write in the margins of books as you read them?
No. I do not ever write in books. I will occasionally highlight textbooks, but rarely.

12. How do you feel about Thursdays?
Right now I love them because they are one of the two days per week that I am home with E and can live under the illusion that I am a Stay-At-Home Mom. Ha!

13. What was the last item you purchased and returned?
I cannot's been a while.

14. What is the last letter of your middle name?

15. Do you read tabloids?
Just the covers while I'm in the check-out line at the grocery store.

16. What is the last kind of cookie that you ate?
Some small vanilla like cookie from Starbucks. They came in a two-pack and E and I were going through the drive-thru and he wanted a cookie, so we shared them. One was shaped as an owl and the other was shaped as a cat. :)

17. What was your seventh grade teacher's name?
Heck if I know...and anyway in 7th grade is when we switched to hourly classes so I would have had 6 different teachers.

18. What is the newest television show you've acquired in your personal lineup?
Ha! Me, watch a new show. That's funny. I can barely keep up with the few regular ones I've committed to this year.

19. Three signs Winter is here:
I'm miserable. It's cold as *&^%. I dread getting out of the shower & trying to dry off fast enough to avoid freezing to death.

20. Are you afraid of the dark?
Not the dark by itself, but more the scary things that can happen in the dark. Eeeks!

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