Monday, May 24, 2010

Update post: 101 Things

I've obviously gotten REALLY into this whole goal-setting much so, that I have nothing else to post about. I apologize.

On Friday, mom, me and E drove to Atlanta for a book signing, so I crossed that one off the list...albeit, barely. The signing was scheduled to start at 7:30pm and let me preface this by saying ATLANTA TRAFFIC SUCKS...that is coming from an experienced city driver. That city is flippin' nuts. Anyway, the author, of all people, gets into a fender-bender just in front of the store which delays the start 40 minutes. She was ok despite a few air bag burns on her arms and she was a great speaker for having just been in a car wreck. Normally the delay would not have been an "issue", however we were driving home afterwards...and I live a little over 3 hours from Atlanta. I got home at 1:30am after ANOTHER traffic delay just across the TN border. If we take away the driving, the rest of the trip was awesome. We went to IKEA, Publix and Archiver's while there. Hooray!

On Saturday, I had the privilege (inside joke) to go scrapbooking at the local scrapbook store. I made a few layouts...which is usually what you do at a crop, so that's a good thing. Anyway, so far I have submitted 6 layouts for publishing...hopefully at least 1 gets accepted, but I fear I need to submit more like 300 in order for 1 to get I'll continue working on that goal.

Before we left for Atlanta on Friday, I made a quick stop in at WW for my weekly weigh-in...only to be told I stayed the SAME!!! Argh. Normally this wouldn't be so frustrating, but since it was the equivalent of being on Week 2...well, I was not pleased. I plan to run a couple days this week which should secure me a loss on least I hope so.

I completed my iTunes mix of 101 of my favorite songs. You can find the mix here.

I attempted to work on making my bed 7 days in a row. Sunday, check. Monday...nope...E decided to sleep until 7:20am which is when we usually leave the house, so needless to say, we were running late and the bed was left unmade. Starting over on Thursday.

I finished the book I was reading, which gets logged as book #1 of the 100 books I plan to read. Gasp! I'm on to book 5 of my Summer Reading List (which will be book #2 for this project).

Right now it looks like I'll be going to VA for Memorial Day weekend and there are plans to go to a pick-your-own patch (#49) and can some strawberry preserves (#50).

I'm also suffering from some severe iPhone envy lately...running numbers and calling AT&T this afternoon to see what kind of discount a bundled package gets since we already have home phone & internet with them. It still may not work in the budget, but I refuse to give up.


kazza77 said...

So I'm not the only lazy bed maker? I'm so pleased to hear! (Karin here by the way... having trouble posting comments to your blog these days)

Mary said...

good luck on the iPhone!!! :)

Nora said...

I'd love to have an iPhone too! I just spent the weekend with three girls who had them and now I want one!!!

I love goal lists like this, so keep it coming :)

What author did you see and how do you submit your layouts for publishing? That's awesome !

Anonymous said...

So funny, I was writing a post (currently not done) the other day about making the bed.

Sara said...

You might be better off waiting until the new iphone 4g is released. On the other hand you can pick up a 3Gs from Walmart for $97..not sure about it being on att

Your 101 goals thing has inspired me to complete one too. Good Luck with it! x

Travel & Dive Girl said...

My husband is a little OCD and insists on making the bed everyday - or at least he nags at me that I should. Anyhow, I never made my bed as a child and don't really see the need to do it now. Besides if I don't he will. Win Win.

I too have iPhone envy - my OCD husband has one and that's all I hear about. One day maybe...

K13 said...

Nora...same here. I was around a bunch of gals who had iPhones & it triggered my iPhone envy. The author I saw was Emily Giffin. I submitted my layouts to Scrapbook Trends magazine. You can google them for directions.

Amy...I had time to make the bed today so maybe I'll get my 7 days in a row even sooner. Ha!

Sara...Thank you!

T&D Girl: If I had more time everyday I would probably make the bed more often. I definitely make it on days I'm home since I have to look @ it more. LOL!!

Levonne said...

I like your blog design. You have some neat visuals, especially your header. Love all those pictures right at the beginning of your blog.