Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day Zero Project

~I have decided to participate in the Day Zero Project...which is basically creating 101 goals that you can (strive to) accomplish in 1001 days.

~You can read more about it here.

~I've created my list both on the Day Zero website as well as created a page here on my blog. Click on it and see what I have so far...I have a way to go to get to 101 but I'm brainstorming non-stop.

~Anyway, one of my goals is to influence (inspire?) someone to create their own Day Zero Project list...so go. now. do it. be inspired. it's fun. and let me know if you start one so I can mark that goal as "completed" :)


lindsay said...

fun! i don't know if i could think of 101 things, haha. i have been thinking about doing something like this though... i once started a "bucket list" but haven't been actively working on it/adding to it/making realistic goals.

Heidi Renée said...

I started one of these a few years ago, but then sort of stopped adding to the list, and now I look at the few things that I wrote down and I don't want to do them anymore!