Tuesday, May 11, 2010

beyond bored

~ok folks...the end of the semester, while entirely joyful for me on a personal level, means complete & utter boredom in the workplace...at least this week.

~it's possible that next week all the jobless new grads will pour in wanting me to wave my magic wand over their resume and produce a job for them. too bad it doesn't work that way.

~to help ease the extreme boredom & prevent me from poking my eyes out, I have decided that during my 30 minute lunch period I will make the short walk over to the local coffee shop and read my book. the change in scenery will be wonderful and i'm certain those 30 minutes will feel more like 2.

~and lastly, as a result of this extreme boredom, I may start posting like a crazy woman...heck, maybe even 2-3 posts per day. i told you I am B.O.R.E.D.

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