Thursday, May 20, 2010

Update post: 101 Things

~Is it too soon to do an update post? Sorry, it's just that I'm (1) bored and (2) motivated, so I've made some progress on my goals already. Hooray!

~On Wednesday, I officially submitted 2 photographs to a local photography contest. I found out about the contest about a month or so ago and had made a note to finally submit a photo or two but hadn't lifted a finger towards getting this done...until Tuesday night. Once I made my 101 list I was motivated and honestly, entering a photography contest has been something I've always wanted to do. I don't expect to win, but if I do, then I'll be $200 richer! Woo! There are also monetary prizes for 2nd, 3rd and Honorable Mention.

~In progress: Goal #1 Identify 100 Things that Make Me Happy: I have identified 36 things so far.

~In progress: Goal #42 Answer the "50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind". I have answered 5 questions so far. This one will take a while, I can tell.

~Also in progress is my never-ending battle of the bulge. I'll have an update on that one once I weigh in on Friday.

~Lastly, I'm trying to encourage people to make their own list and work towards accomplishing the things they put on their list. I hope at least one person will want to create their list and let me know about it so I can check that goal off my list too.

~As you will see, I still have a number of goals just to add to my 101 list. I'm currently only at that leaves me 52...dang, not even 1/2 way there yet. Off to brainstorm some more.

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Anonymous said...

I am considering doing it only because you want to cross it off your list. I always thought these were kind of cheesy - or maybe that's because my ex did them, and I think he's kind of lame now, and thus everything he did is super lame.

But I will join you in your recommitment to the battle of the bulge! I bought a package of cookie dough the other day with the intent of making cookie dough ice cream. Um, the cookie dough is 90% gone, and no ice cream was made.