Monday, May 10, 2010

random is my favorite post title

~random posts are my favorite. they are also the easiest. just dump what I want to say in no particular order, no rhyme or reason. here goes...

~i did a bit of scrapbooking yesterday. hooray. a very little bit. apparently my scrapbooking ADD is still in full force as I struggle to finish one project and move on to start another.

~i've also discovered that I LOVE Cosmo Cricket paper and Crate paper as well. I guess they are more 'confirmations' than discoveries though since i've known of both for a while but it seems the past few times i've gone scrapbook shopping, i come home with these brands. yum. so good.

~our TV had been dying a slow death over the past 4-6 weeks (or longer). it finally got to the point of complete annoyance and off to the store we went on Saturday evening.

~lucky me spent quite a few hours on Mother's Day disassembling the old TV/entertainment center setup, dusting away the gigantic dust bunnies and then setting up and installing the new (very purty) TV. I am somewhat proud to say that we have finally joined the HD flat screen generation. I am even happier to say goodbye to that 900 pound TV we used to have.

~oh and i haven't had the opportunity to even watch 5 minutes of ANYTHING I want to watch on that TV yet...despite being the "brains" in the house to do all the cable connecting. i will halt my complaint there, although trust me when I say I could go on.

~i posted my old (and supercute) entertainment center on craigslist and received 3 email inquiries in one hour. hooray. i hate to part with it actually but there's no where to put it. it's cute with doors and it's RED!!!

~my reading has been slacking, but not for lack of want. of the past 3 nights, I have fallen asleep @ the same time as E instead of taking part in my usual night-owl tactics which is when I get my reading done. soooo sleepy. hoping to get back on track tonight.

~i ran 3 days last week. i was so motivated. i went back to WW on friday too. for having missed about 6 weeks and sort of falling off the wagon, i was only up 2.4 pounds. the downside is that on Thursday, after 3 days of short runs, my back flared up and let me know it was NOT happy. the pain is still lingering. i'm pretty bummed. i feel really old.

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Anonymous said...

He he, I love your subtle dig about setting up the cables etc. It usually falls to me in my house. In fact the two women living here until recently couldn't even sort out how to switch from TV to AV... sigh....

Sorry your back is still bad. Mine is improving but I had some pain on the bottom of my foot when I was out running this morning. I booked in with the Chiropractor though so I hope it helps.