Wednesday, October 27, 2010

bitchfest - pity party, call it what you will

From the title of this post, you can only imagine how my day has started out...I was certain it was a Monday there for a while...apparently it is actually Wednesday disguising itself as the dreaded Monday.

It all began at 1:45am, when E woke me because he wanted some milk. I typically try to "talk him out" of this but there was no winning that battle this morning and if I wanted to get some sleep, I just needed to give in. Next stop: 2:45am...same.exact.situation. WTF? He rarely does this, so what's the deal with twice in one morning...oh wait, it gets better. Now it's 4:45am...he wants his TV shows on and he's pitching such a fit that again I cave, turn them on w/o volume thinking I'll get to sleep for 45 more minutes. Ha! Yeah right...stupid me. 

The only positive in all of this is that he wasn't a booger when it came time to get dressed for school, but that was because he had already been up for 90 minutes! 

As O likes to say, I'm on the "warpath" today...and for once he's right...any little thing has and probably will set me the effin' moron who COMPLETELY turned in front of me while he had a RED light and I proceeded with my GREEN light leaving daycare drop off today. Yep, I honked, but somehow managed to control my hand gestures.

As you know I have that lovely arrival duty and of course this morning it HAD to be guess who gets to stand out there for 30 minutes of that fun...miraculously I had my umbrella.

When I have days like this, the bitterness in me comes out in full force and I'm reminded of all the times I was "promised" (loosely obviously) that I would be staying home with E during his younger years etc. etc. and the fact that that isn't even an option sends my mood plummeting to the ground. And then I get to observe all the doctor's wives dropping off their kids in their PJs or workout clothes...yeah, cuz that makes me feel even better about things. It's hard not to see other people's lives as SO MUCH better than mine (and yes, I know many have it worse, but just let me bitch for a minute ok?)

I'm in a pretty crappy mood and really can't help it right now. 

If I hadn't called in sick last week, I would have done it today. I do not want to deal with anyone and just want to crawl back into bed.

ETA: No, the day hasn't gotten better, but I lacked to mention the seriousness with which I am considering the need to return to my old line of work after this school year. Once school loan bills start coming in, I don't think this check will stretch that far...even with the increase I would get next school year. I have mixed feelings about it all...finally found an ENVIRONMENT in which I like to work and with good people, but the pay stinks. My former jobs that have paid well, have also come with CRAPA$$ people and environments. WTH? I guess it's too much to ask that all 3 come together for one happy work place?!


Travel & Dive Girl said...

Feel free to bitch away - it's your blog. I hope your day gets better, but if it doesn't get something good for lunch - that usually helps me. :)

Kimberley said...

Hope your day has gotten somewhat if not way better!

Levonne said...

I hope your Thursday is much better.

emilysuze said...

What a crappy Wednesday to have! Fingers crossed that little E decides to sleep through the night so you can have an easier start to your Thursday. Sorry. :(

Señorita Andalucíana said...

Sometimes you just need to bitch. Never feel bad for that! If you can't bitch, then people need to disappear. How are you with the color orange?

Tricia said...

I can relate to the crappy pay to work with nice people. My new job pays me just a tad more than I was getting from unemployment for sitting at home every day. It is hard work and I'm tired every day but I do like the people. Prior to unemployment I made about 2X what I'm making now each week. :( But I can't/don't want to go back to that and can't handle that commute again.