Friday, October 29, 2010

random babble

Here's a random post for the 3 people who still read my blog...

*'s early release for the students today...I still have to be here til 3:45ish. Meh.

*I only have 3 more nights of class to be completely done w/my Masters, but I will still be accumulating direct hours through December. I still cannot believe I am graduating on December 10th!! Woot!!

*The students have no school on Monday and we have a Faculty Retreat.  Most work-related retreats I have been to have had a "fun/team-building" component (other places of employment)...not this time, we are going to a church (!) that is 30 minutes away and will listen to a Deacon speak about the book "The Shack"...umm, I hope I can stay awake. I was really hoping for the retreat to be @ the local zoo where they bring out animals to pet, that you normally don't get to pet on a regular visit to the zoo. Just saying.

*E will get more than one wear out of this years Halloween costume. Hooray!! Today they are having a costume parade at his school, we are planning to go to a Trunk N Treat tonight and another on Sunday afternoon and then out for the real deal of Trick or Treating on Sunday evening.

*Noticing that I've been losing touch with some people lately.

*I am still not used to waking at 5:30am and the whole process of getting out the door in the morning is mentally exhausting, often negatively affecting my mood. Ugh. Some things you just never "get over"

*I'm struggling to keep up with the few shows I like to watch...House, Top Chef Just Desserts, The Good Wife, Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice. I am at least a couple episodes behind on House right now, but I always make a point to watch my Thursday night shows LIVE. They are too good to wait and last night was NO exception. Private

*I'm considering running a 5K race on Thanksgiving day...I'll be in VA and I'm trying to recruit some family members to join's a very family-friendly race (i.e. strollers & dogs welcome) and you can choose to walk too. I think it would be a great way to start a day that will likely result in over-eating.

*That's all for now. Happy Halloween.


Karen said...

Three more nights of class? Congratulations!

Travel & Dive Girl said...

Who goes to a retreat at a church? I agree, the zoo would have been much more engaging and fun.

Have fun with E and Halloween - I'm jealous. I miss going out and we don't get any kiddos since we are in the middle of nowhere. *sigh*

Have a great weekend!

ngillard said...

I read your blog. I am a 60 year old woman from WA state who used to be a single mother of two. I am interested in you and how you are doing juggling everything. My guys are grown now and doing well. All you are going through will soon be in the past. You are doing a great job so hang in there, kiddo. Sending lots of positive thoughts, prayers, and energy your way.