Tuesday, November 27, 2012


listening Christmas music (yes, already!!) - my favorite right now is Ave Maria by Andrea Bocelli...I could put it on constant loop for hours.  Already changed my ringtone to Christmas music too.

drinking water. at least 64oz/day...preferably more. and an occasional diet dr pepper or SBUX iced chai thrown in for good measure.

thinking about all the Christmas shopping I still have left to do this year. And even with "scaling back" I still have too much to buy.  :-(

wishing that my back pain would go away and quickly...or at the very least the pain shooting down the front of my right leg.

feeling that it may be challenging to maintain my complete sanity this Christmas with the house guests we will be having. Requesting prayers of patience & tolerance. Seriously!

reading The Paris Wife - and LOVING it...definitely being "thrown" into an Ernest Hemingway fascination after reading Hemingway's Girl before this one. I've never read one of his books but looks like The Old Man & The Sea will be up next on my to-read list.

missing my better paying & much more fun jobs of days past (long ago). 

wanting a couple of solitary days just for reading, preferably in a cozy reading nook, though I have no idea where that would be. 


~**Dawn**~ said...

I am holding steadfast to my personal tradition of "nothing Christmas before the start of Advent," even though it's been tempting to start. I want to squeeze out my last bits of autumn while I still can.

My junior year high school English teacher was a Hemingway fanatic. We had to read three of his books, I believe. I remember being unimpressed at the time, but that may have been fallout from being forced to read them. I may have to try again as an adult with her own free will. ;-)

Señorita Andalucíana said...

Well hope you find some time to read and maybe even some quiet :)