Sunday, November 18, 2012

Project Life - Weeks 39-41

Week 39: Consignment sale success. Yay. Ethan & Kimberlee being silly...
fits perfectly with the quote next to it. :)
So glad that my running is progressing and without pain. Hooray!!
I really love those little library cards from BananaFish.

Library. Twitter. Lunch w/my #1 little man. 

Ethan has been completely obsessed with the book "Shark vs. Train" lately...
if I have to read it one more time, it will be too many. Ack!
I had to implement a rule that we cannot read a book a 2nd time until all the books we have from the library have been read at least 1 time. Thank goodness!!

Week 40: On Saturday morning, a friend & I both participated in Cycle for Life to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis - we rode 15 miles. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be, but we finished so that's all that matters. That evening a whole group of us got together for a hayride, bonfire & hot dog roast. It was really a nice time. 

Race marketing material. My Race Bib. Route info w/turns.

Week 40: This is probably one of my favorite pages all year, primarily because of the colors just coming together and that they are Fall colors - totally did NOT plan that. 

Ethan's Favorites - love watching them change. Or not.

Week 41: Siri is cracking me up. Time with neighbors. Haircut.
The never ending fortune I've spent this year on clothes for Ethan. Ridiculous gas prices. 
Week 41: all dressed up for school pictures. lazy cats. finally after waiting for what seemed like a billion years, I was able to upgrade to the iPhone 4S. 
Got my flu shot. Soccer game.

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