Friday, November 16, 2012

Project Life - Weeks 33-35

With the exception of heading back to school, these were a couple of fun weeks. And I apologize for some of the wonky pictures...I have tried various spots and angles for taking these pictures, but cannot seem to avoid the glare!!

I love using a current playlist for a filler spot.

Obviously fell a little short on pictures this week...
I blame it on the re-adjustment to being back in school. 

Week 34: Good times this week for sure...more specifically my birthday and a day off from work, which I spent riding roller coasters with my mom at Dollywood.
What a blast we had!!

Birthday dinner at Mom's house & B&N giftcards = happy happy happy!!

So many pictures this week means putting in a filler page...I loved the "iFly" sticker mom & I picked up at Dollywood. Ethan is such a helper - whether it's blowing out candles or carrying in the ginormous bag of dog food for the neighbor. :)

Week 35: As a coping mechanism for being back in school, my teacher friend & I met up at the local fruit & berry patch to get their hot cherry pies and fruit slushies. Fun was had by all!!

Labor Day Weekend - the 3 of us had a nice relaxing time up in the Smoky Mountains, of course the boys had to "play" in the river while I took pictures of their antics. 

Ethan really enjoyed his chocolate chip pancakes
from Flapjacks before heading back home.
I love including his adorable artwork in my pages too. 

And more pics from the Smokies and the fruit & berry patch. Good times all around!!

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