Saturday, November 17, 2012

Project Life - Weeks 36-38

Ethan played his first ever season of soccer. He "tolerated" it and repeatedly voiced his dislike for the game and his love for baseball more. He is SOOOO my child!

Only 5 kids on the soccer team - Oscar was supposed to be Assistant Coach though the
Head Coach couldn't make the 1st game, therefore missed out on the team picture. 

One of my most favorite things about Project Life -
documenting Ethan's "currents"...
he is so silly when he gives me his answers.
Note: we have not read a Clifford book in probably a year...go figure.

Week 37: started with Oscar's birthday, which always coincides with our local fair. That cow was only 1 day old - she was so much fun & I wanted to take her home. I'm sure that's against the homeowner association rules. Scored 120 points in WORDS.
And Ethan's latest silly phrase "I ZERO want to go to school"...
not really sure where he came up with that. 

Fun @ the fair. Birthday cake. Eating healthy.
 And more like 7 weeks after that picture was taken,
I did reach that weight and a tad bit lower.

Week 38: We were busy living life this week which results in very few pictures,
though we did get a few at the Home Depot Kids Night at ChickFila.
Ethan really enjoys those activities &
we always meet our friends there which makes it even better. 

Lots of space fillers...but certainly things that are well worth documenting...loved using those SMASH pages for listing my top 5 movies and also two of my favorites places for Inspiration & Peace & Quiet. :)

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