Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Random Thoughts

*I've given up (for now) the dream of working for Disney and here's why: 

(1) I actually received an invite to interview after taking and passing(!!) their on-line personality assessment, but at that point it is required to schedule a face-to-face interview within 3 days. Um...I was just in FL and I don't see making a road trip down there for an interview (for a not-so-great-paying, but maybe very fun job) happening. 

(2) It's also somewhat of a slam to my self-esteem (as if I needed help there) to receive the interview for a job I'm completely overqualified for but yet receive ZERO communication for any of the other "real" jobs I've applied to. #SadButTrue

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*I ran 3.5 miles yesterday after school. I was "excited" about the run BEFOREhand and then terribly disappointed AFTERWARDS. It was my worst run in weeks. Slow. Lethargic. Nothing felt good. Talk about frustrating. Can a running route become "stale"? I've been going to the same place for a few weeks now. Surely, it's not that...though I'm considering going somewhere else next time. Tonight I'm running on the treadmill at the YMCA...hoping that goes better. And then completely enjoying a yoga class afterwards. Yes! Did I mention that my treadmill at home is broken again? #Seriously

*Taking the day off tomorrow and couldn't be more excited. Planning to get a few things done that I haven't had the time for lately. I may also attempt an 8 mile run as part of a virtual race that I signed up for. It's kind of hanging over my head...clearly I was feeling ambitious when I signed up for it. Oops! Mostly though, I'm looking forward to not being at work and having the whole day to myself. 
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*I've noticed that I can be leading on my Fitbit friends list all week long and then have a relaxing Sunday....or a Sunday with 8 bazillion other things to do so I don't get in many steps while someone else walks a million miles that day and then "wins" the weekly "challenge"....because of their activity for ONE day. That sure is annoying.

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