Monday, July 28, 2008

~another week~

~It's Monday, another week, not much planned.

~Today though, E and I had to go to the post office to mail a package. From there we dropped some plastic bottles @ the recycle center and then I decided to go to the used book store. I'm totally addicted to buying books for Ethan. I need to break this addiction/habit, at least until I get a job.

~Anyway, I scored BIG TIME @ the used book store. I got 5 supercute hardcover books for $17. I recently bought ONE book @ B&N and it cost me $19!! Lesson learned!!! I did come home and wipe the books down, sanitize them me paranoid, but I like to think they are very clean. They all looked brand new too.
~So I have been selling stuff that I don't need. Need the money, so I'm selling whatever I can. I also have a good portion of Similac formula left over than I desperately want to sell. We used very little when E was very little...LOL...and so now I'm stuck with all of this. I have posted it on Craigslist and even on a local Moms website here in town and I am not getting any bites. I've lowered the price at least 3 times and even listed it as BEST OFFER. Oddly enough, I was going to include all the formula coupons along with it but someone actually contacted me and BOUGHT the coupons from me. Then I had 2 cans of Enfamil that I got FREE in the mail and a woman (w/triplets) contacted me about those too - I made $14!!! What's the deal with the Similac? They are these awesome little 2 oz bottles too. They are very handy and convenient when you are out and about. Also prevents you from wasting a lot because in case you didn't know, you have to ditch formula after it's been open for 1 hour.!!

~All that to say, I could really use the $50 for this formula so please send me some 'formula selling vibes' or something. I'm desperate, plus I hate to see it all go to waste. It expires at the end of the year and some early 2009.

~Yesterday O decided that E didn't have many toys and so we trekked to Babies R Us, where I swore I wouldn't shop again (ugh) and picked up some fun things for him. So far, he's totally into them. He's also a bookworm, thanks to his mom. LOL. We read at least 3-4 books a day. He usually pays attention, but more often nowadays he would rather eat the book. :-) So here he is with his new toys. He is also sporting a new bib, one that actually FITS around his neck (unlike the ones we already had)...this one says "Chick Magnet" LOL!

And I love this picture because he can scoot all over the place, but only backwards. He got himself backed up under the chair, it was pretty funny.

~ChaCha update cuz my life is so exciting. On Saturday, I did 85 questions and on Sunday I did 80. Woohoo! My daily (realistic) goal is 50 so I'm pleased with 80. Today I did 50.


~**Dawn**~ said...

Hee hee hee. He is so cute. His photos always make me smile. As for the Similac, that is *really* strange. In my experience, Similac was the most common formula used (when I did daycare). And it can't be just that it is formula since the Enfamil went. Hmmm...

krystyn said...

Dawn-I thought/think it's very odd about the formula too. People are forever buying it via Craigslist etc just because it's so darn expensive. I don't get it...

Stacy said...

Oh my goodness...he has gotten soooo big! We hae been gone for a month in Georgia & I didn't keep with blogs. He is just too cute for words!

I loved catching up on your blog.I'm not sure about the formula thing either. Huh? After my 2nd I ended up with a ton of formula & a kid that would only nurse..I ended up selling it at my yard sale.

So how did you hear about the ChaCha guide thing? Sounds like something right up my alley..... I would love to hear more!

krystyn said...

Stacy-go to to complete the app to be a Guide. You'll have to do a brief/easy typing test and answer some 'test' questions to be approved as a Guide.

If you decide to join, please put me down as your referral.


Stacy said...

Krystyn- email me your ChaCha "info" (how they 'identify' you) at in case I sign up!

Heather said...

how funny i never thought of selling it on line...i have an unopened good until 2009 can of enfamil that i had no idea what to do with b/c my darling little boy could not use it and the store would not take it back. i am trying my mil's tagsale tomorrow but if that does not happen maybe i will have to try the internet!