Thursday, July 31, 2008

~where does the time go?~

~Wow, so it's August already (well, in 2 hrs it will be).

~I've been out of work for more than 2 months now.

~Miraculously found a swimsuit to fit my fat-after-baby body.

~Going to local gym tomorrow morning to swim laps, they have child care.

~Hoping child care people @ gym are 'ok', otherwise I may never return to swim.

~Would like to make swimming a Mon-Wed-Fri thing and running on Tues-Thur.

~I was w/o internet for 1.5 days, lost 'BIG' money not being able to ChaCha.

~Tried doing ChaCha tonight but their server is soooooooo slow. Frustrating.

~Took a test today for a temporary Recruiter job with the Census. Passed the test.

~Was told that I won't hear anything for about a month from Census for interview.

~Met 2 ladies tonight @ local Panera to trade coupons. Got a few good ones, but the lady 'in front' of me also uses Pampers and took ALL the diaper coupons. Totally sucked!

~Switching to AT&T and Dish over the next few days-so super excited. We'll save a little $$ every month and I won't have to deal with the gross incompetence that is KNOLOGY.
Note: If they are available in your area, steer clear. I had them out for service @ least 20 times in 3 years. And I'm on my 4th modem.

~I think I may apply to the Kroger bakery since FC has not called. Maybe they take rejects there so I'll have a chance. :-)

~The last few nights, I'm getting crazy-hungry very late @ night or @ 3am when I'm up with E. Not good for the diet.

~I have lost my scrapping interest for the time-being. Just not feelin' it.

~Hopefully going to see "The Dark Knight" on Saturday night.


Mary said...

hey, i like your new tickers!! hope you have a great weekend!

Freebird said...

I know, it's like I fell asleep Jan1st and woke up in August.