Thursday, July 10, 2008

~suzie homemaker~

Yep -that's my new name...

In my times of extreme boredom, I have turned to a favorite pasttime...baking!!! In the past week and a half I have baked:

1) Carrot Raisin Bars
2) Banana Bread
3) 2 Dozen Brownies
4) 5 Dozen Cookies

And I am about to attempt making Baklava. I've always heard it's so difficult and so I want to try for myself.

The bad part of all this is I DO NOT NEED all this fattening food in the house and I have to job to take it to....I sent some w/O to work though, so that helps.



Nichole M said...

I've always wanted to try baklava, but been too intimidated by it. Plus I heard it was *way* hard. Let me know how it turns out -- I'm a baker, too!

~**Dawn**~ said...

Can't wait to hear if you agree with the masses or if you rocked the baklava & think the rest of the whiners are big babies! LOL

Heather said...

that would be my problem too...i cannot bake all that b/c i would eat it all up and have no place to send it.