Friday, July 11, 2008

~friday randomness~

~haven't made the baklava yet, but I will report the results when I do make it. It will likely be the week after next as (1) I have to buy 1 lb nuts, (2) they are expensive, (3) making it is not a necessity and (4) O didn't get as good a paycheck as normal since he was out for the tooth I wait.

~my handmade journals were featured on the 'STYLE' (my neighbor's show) show on my local news yesterday - (link on bottom right hand side), unfortunately, it has not produced any sales for me.

~no plans for the weekend, surprise, surprise.

~no progress on lawsuit fact, I was supposed to know something this week but my lawyer was in depositions Tues, Wed & Thur which ultimately put MY case on the backburner (after he said he would be calling the evil company on Tuesday)...needless to say...not too happy...there had better be some progress next week!!!!!!!!!!!!

~I'm hooked on Banana popsicles by Mayfield. YUM!!! Thank goodness they are only 1 WW point.

~I made my last paycheck last for 6 wks...not bad if you ask me...but now I need another.

~Drove out to softball fields tonight to try to get picked up on a softball team (haven't played in 2 years...longest drought of my life)...a little league world series had taken over the entire ballpark so no ballgame for me. Maybe next week...

~Ethan keeps doing this thing where about 30-60 minutes after he goes to bed for the night, he wakes up screaming bloody's like he's having nightmares...but do babies have nightmares? I don't know?!?! I then have to take him and hold him 'til he falls asleep again...sometimes he still cries a bit so that's why I don't think it's really nightmares. He's been doing this for about 1 month now....Dawn...any ideas? It makes me so sad!!

~Speaking of Ethan...he covered me in poop today...literally!!! It was all over...why does it shoot up their back instead of forwards where the diaper is?!?! Geez!! It was on my tank top, my chest, somehow even on my bra, all over goes on and on - it was gross, funny, but gross.

~OK - I really really really need/want a PT job...I need suggestions though as there really aren't many options based on when I can/want to work....I want to work a couple nights/wk approximately 6pm-midnight (or so) and then Sundays...these are the hours when O is home and since it would be a low paying job, this is my only option as paying a sitter would make NO sense. SBUX would have been perfect but as you know the mgr flaked on me...the mall isn't open late enough, nor do I want to work @ the mall. I have no waitressing/bartending experience so that won't work...they usually want you to hostess first if you have no experience and I'm really not into that. I'm not trying to be picky, but surely there must be something out there. The other coffee shop isn't open yet and doesn't look like it'll open up anytime soon...Argh!! I desperately need some spending's like pure torture going to Target now...since I can't buy anything.

Being unemployed & broke sucks - in case you wondered.


em said...

banana popsicles??? YUM!

poop all over?? Not yum! ;)

Mary said...

lol about the poop all over. Somehow everyone I've ever know who's had kids reports this.

As for the PT job - what about Target (and would that get you a discount??)? Probably only open til 10, but might be an option. OOH, or Barnes & Noble?

good luck! glad to see you blogging and twittering!!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, Target sounds good! It may close early, but there's usually clean up after? So that would go to midnight.

As for the lawsuit. . .depositions do take a lot, so even though he said he'd call the company on Tuesday, it is not surprising he couldn't, because they take all day, plus prep beforehand. So don't get too annoyed at him yet (and you don't sound it yet, but I'm just saying) - although if it was me, I'd at least leave them a message after hours, and let you know that I've done that. But I'm a freak like that.

krystyn said...

Em-yes, the banana popsicles are very yummy...and addicting. :-)

Mary-well, I had a brief stint @ Target back in TX and interestingly enough, shopping there is ALOT more fun than working there. I hated much so that I left w/o notice so I think I burned that bridge. LOL. B&N is an option though.

Amy-I plan to call him @ the end of the day Monday if he doesn't call me first, that way I've given him 2 extra days. I don't want to be a pest, but I want some money!! When a case settles, how long does it normally take for them to pay up?

~**Dawn**~ said...

First: If there is some kind of cosmic limit on the number of banana popsicles a person can consume in their lifetime, then you are more than welcome to my share. ;-)

Second: That poop story? Totally made me think of that episode of S&TC when Miranda gets poop on her face.

Third: Barnes & Noble sounds like a great PT possibility. I believe that most locations are open til 11pm-ish (give or take an hour) & I bet when you work the closing shift, you have things that need to be done to close down the store so it wouldn't end immediately at the stroke of whatever hour the store closes. They are open 7 days a week, so their part time positions should allow for a few nights per week. Plus that discount isn't a bad perk once you got your finances in a better comfort zone for yourself.

Finally: E waking up. First question that comes to mind is wondering if he's teething? Babies have shorter sleep cycles than adults do & I wonder if he's coming up from a deeper sleep part of the cycle to some discomfort that's making him cry? Although if he's only doing it that one time each night, maybe not. Is he actually awake when he's crying or is he asleep? From everything I learned & remember reading, babies dream even in utero (I wonder what they dream about...?) and they go through phases when they dream more than other times. I believe that 3-5 months is a particularly active time for dreaming. Then it tapers off & peaks again around a year old. It also seems to coincide with huge developmental spurts as well. I think their little minds get overfilled & it needs to dump somewhere. Some babies do this by fussing during waking hours, others by not napping as well or having major schedule fluctuations, and in some other cases (like E perhaps?) it comes out at night. If it's still happening when he has his next well-baby visit, you can probably ask his pediatrician, but if he's showing no ill effects from these crying episodes (especially if he calms down & goes back to sleep for the night after that) then it's probably bothering you far more than it is him. =( I know it's so hard to hear them upset like that. (((HUGS)))

krystyn said...

Dawn-thank you for handing over your allotment of banana popsicles to me...I will surely take them. Yum!

Thanks too for the info on E and his waking...I think it must be dreams then because he does calm down quickly and when he naps during the day he never wakes up screaming like that. He's @ 5 months right now so I guess we'll see if it tapers off in the coming weeks. He is teething but not terribly - haven't really had crying bouts from pain or anything like that - yet.

Anonymous said...

How long it takes to get paid depends , it could be a week, immediately upon signing the agreement, 30 days - depends on different stuff. But if there's an agreement, there'll have to be a settlement agreement to sign, because you'll have to agree that you're not filing suit against them. So even if he talked to them on Friday, there'd still be that to draft.

And I'm still surprised he told you they'd respond quickly. Normally, the other side responds with a letter outlining why they're right and you're wrong, and it could go back and forth, each side arguing their position. Look how long my stupid tree thing took, and all we wanted was $2500.

krystyn said...

Amy-yeah, I'm finding out that my lawyer should NOT have said the company would respond quickly...@ the 10 day mark, all they did was send an email saying they'd respond early LAST wk...they never did and my lawyer never followed up 'til Friday and all he got was voicemail so he was calling again today. It's 6pm here now and so obviously he didn't reach anyone. This is really starting to make me mad (putting it lightly).

Freebird said...

The poop thing happened to me too. I was at THE MALL of all places and Nathan crapped all over me. It's a parental rite of passage. Congratulations! You're officially a mom now!!! In case you're wondering this is more or less the order of things:

1. Get shit on.
2. Get vomited on.
3. Bawl your eyes out on the 1st day of school.
4. Get the shit scared out of YOU when your kid's a teenager and it's late, he doesn't answer his cell, and you're positive he's lying dead in the gutter.

I'd elaborate some more, but unfortunately #4 plays out for a know, the teenage years. Oh, the joys of motherhood! :-D

Anonymous said...

Yeah, see no way are they responding. They passed it on to their attorney. Attorneys wait until the last minute. Except me, for some odd reason, I hate it. I always, always, ALWAYS tell my clients not to expect anything ahead of time. "They have 10 days to respond, they'll likely respond on the 10th day." I mean, maybe he honestly believed they'd respond quickly, but I still wouldn't say it. Just because you have NO IDEA what they've got going on. Or if their attorney is in the Bahamas.