Tuesday, July 15, 2008

~just stuff~

~So, most of you (if not all of you) should know that my email account has been compromised twice now and has sent out some crazy message about buying some crap in China. I've since deleted my Contact List and changed my password, so hopefully it doesn't happen again....but if it does, then I'll be forced to change my email account entirely. Ugh!

~Tell me that this doesn't make sense....I took 3 days off from working out due to (1) laziness, (2) a sore knee and (3) a sore foot...anyway...I worked out today and weighed myself prior to said workout...the scale was the lowest it's been post-baby. Talk about NO positive reinforcement to continue working out...heck, I think I'll take another 3 days off and see what happens...did I mention I didn't really stick to 'diet foods' that well either. Crazy!!

~Monday E and I went over to my hairdresser's house to hang out and she did my highlights for free - due to 'no job sympathy' - that was really nice of her and I was super excited. I got WAY more than highlights though...I would say it's more along the lines of 'platinum blonde' or I like to refer to it as 'rockstar blonde' - LOL!! If anything, it makes me look a lot younger, so that's a bonus.

~I applied for a couple PT jobs...we'll see what happens. My hairdresser has a connection @ the local Food City and I would not normally want to work in a grocery store, but I would love to work in a bakery...so if they need help in the bakery so maybe I'll end up there. I've wanted to learn cake decorating for a while so at least I could work somewhere doing something I love (baking) and then still be able to learn something as well (cake decorating). I applied @ the bookstores too, but I must say that I'm more interested in a job @ the bakery.


Mary said...

boooo on the email thing!! yay on the highlights!! No clue on weight loss thing (it's insane, isn't it?). and good luck on the PT job!!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it so weird about the "I don't work out for days then I lose" thing. It's weird. It's like the body was shutting down ranks and holding on to fat for dear life when you're working out, because it knows what you're doing, and then when you take a break, all that work it was doing holding on lets up, and away it goes. It also happens to me, on days where I'm really upset and "I'm so fat I'm going home and eating an entire cake", that I'll get on the scale and have lost weight. As though the gods jiggled with the scale, just so I wouldn't consume the entire cake.

Working in the bakery would be FUN! They were hiring once at Costco, and I almost applied, but they said you needed experience. But with all the bakeries in town, and no pastry school anywhere near here, not ALL of these people can have great bakery experience at first. They've gotta learn somewhere.

Nichole M said...

Wow... amazing about what the scale did! No working out and no healthy food equals very bad news for me consistently!

Good luck on the bakery job... sounds like it would be fun!