Friday, July 18, 2008

~when it rains it pours~

~You know, when 1 thing goes wrong, it's often followed by a couple others and lately that just IS my @ this less than wonderful time in my life it seems that the TV is on the fritz...lovely...cuz I just so happen to have boo-koo $$$$$$$ to replace it, right?? WRONG!!

~Don't get me wrong, it still works, but every 2 seconds or so, it makes this absolutely annoying and obnoxious clicking/crackeling sound and the screen flickers - quite distracting and ultimately makes TV not so enjoyable. *insert big fat sigh here*

~Good News!! Ethan slept from 12:30am all the way to 7am today - alleluia...there is a God!!! I was amazed! Is asking for a repeat tonight pushing it?

~I desperately want to soak up a little sun - just an hour or so for a little color. It is summer after all and even though we aren't going ANYWHERE, it would be nice to have a little tan. I do not see a window of opportunity for that anytime soon though. Darn!

~Ethan rolls over all the time now, the funny thing is that he scoots backwards but can't figure out how to go forward...sooo funny.

~I'm a bad mom...should have taken the camera to the grocery store w/me this morning. E slept the whole time but the "kodak moment" was that he had his hand hanging from the rings (for toys) hooked on his had to see it, it was funny.

~I recently switched from IE to Firefox and I like it ALOT. Speaking of internet, I must confess/admit that I switched back to Bloglines from Google Reader. I like the extra features of GR, but I like the 'simpleness' of BL better.

~O has Nat'l Guard this weekend, so it'll be just E and me hanging out.

~On Sunday my dad is coming over and taking E and I out for an early dinner (woohoo!). Hopefully he'll want to help me put that baklava together - I finally have all the ingredients. :-)


Nichole M said...

Don't feel bad about not catching any rays... Think of all the wrinkles and potential cancer you are preventing! Nichole and the sun are mortal enemies. >:-[

Dying to know about the baklava!

krystyn said...

Nichole-I will definitely let you know the results of the Baklava. I'll even take a picture. :-)

Mary said...

oh poop, sorry to hear about the TV! whoo hoo about Ethan sleeping thru the night - yay! and glad you like Firefox - that is what Eric prefers. I have become a Safari user and I like it pretty well. Enjoy your weekend!

~**Dawn**~ said...

I tried Firefox a few times for various reasons. Always came back to IE though. I am totally sold on Google Reader though. Mostly because things don't get marked as read until *I* say they are read. I hated that Bloglines marked things read before I was ready for them to be read.