Friday, July 25, 2008

~friday randomness~

~Signed up on Facebook the other day...I like it...A LOT better than I ever liked Myspace...blech! Found lots of high school folks and hoping some others pop up soon. So cool!

~Lawsuit update: Lenovo is burying their head in the sand as my lawyer says and so we are moving forward with filing suit. Hopefully this will be like lighting a fire under their a$$ and they'll decide to pay up. Losers!

~I was going to the mall today to meet another SAHM. She cancelled this morning. Why am I not surprised?!? Maybe E and I will still go up there and walk around...I haven't decided.

~My exciting weekend plans include a trip to the SuperTarget only because we have a "$10 off if you spend $100" coupon and so we will go do our grocery shopping there this week. I also have some other Target exclusive coupons so it should be well worth our while. Pretty sad when that's what I find exciting these days.

~And because I needed yet MORE confirmation that I am a big loser...there has been no word from Food City. I truly am surprised on this one considering that my hairdresser/friend spoke with the district mgr and she seemed all interested etc. Like I said before, I probably failed the personality test...LOL.

~I also went and applied @ B&N the other day. They are reviewing apps for the Fall and depending on when they need help will depend on who they hire. So I don't expect to hear from them anytime soon considering the Fall is 2 months away.

~O finally had his 1st appointment with the orthopedic surgeon yesterday for his knee. He has an MRI on Monday and then meets w/the doc the following Monday to go over results. He should have the surgery done no later than 8/15 if all goes well.

~I have reached 500 questions on ChaCha...which equates to $100 smackers. WooHoo. They pay out on 8/15 so whatever I can accumulate before then is what I'll get. My goal was 5k questions, but I think that's a bit lofty. Maybe I should try for 2k instead. That would still be $400!!!

~Hope you have a weekend more exciting than mine. :-)


Anonymous said...

Don't belittle going to Target. What I wouldn't GIVE to go to Target. Is O having the same type of knee surgery you had? That could be good or bad for him. . .good, you'll understand and empathize. Bad, you'll call him out on being a baby!

krystyn said...

Amy- O's surgery will likely be arthroscopic which means two teeny little cuts and you WALK out of the surgery center the same day so he better not fuss too much. There will be swelling and stiffness but otherwise not too bad. I'm not sure if his injury is in the same spot as mine though - we'll find out when he gets the MRI results on 8/4.

~**Dawn**~ said...

I never had a MySpace account but I've seen them & I agree that Facebook is *much* better. I like that you approve who sees you. This has come in handy on more than one occasion, let me tell you. Plus there are lots of fun silly little games & applications. =)

If we had plans, I would so never cancel on you. Well maybe if there was an emergency or I was really sick but that's it. And I wouldn't just use those as excuses either. =P

krystyn said...

Dawn - awww thanks!! :-) We have rescheduled for this Friday, so we'll see what happens...

Heather said...

so in regards to the questions? do you have to pay the "standard text messaging rates" or do you have free texting?