Saturday, September 20, 2008

~crazy stuff~

~O will receive his 3rd NEW debit card next week in less than 1 year...why you ask? The first time because he lost his wallet, the 2nd time because he THOUGHT he lost his wallet and now last night -the 3rd time- because he AGAIN THOUGHT he lost his wallet. Talk about frustrating. I won't even get started.

~While @ work yesterday -which thankfully was busier than Thursday- the staffing agency called to say that the company decreased their numbers and cancelled my shifts for Saturday, Sunday AND Monday!! Geez!!! Just 2 days ago they had about 6 shifts to pick from for Sunday. How crazy!! So next weeks check will have a whopping 9.5 hours on it!! Whoopee!

~I decided to start giving Spanish lessons and sent out email to some local friends to help me spread the word. I already have my 1st client. Yay!!

~Oscar recently decided that he wanted to take on a 2nd job and especially now that my temp job has been so inconsistent with hours. He has an interview to work mall security today at 1pm. He loves all that 'law enforcement' type it pays more than my temp job, so why not. He loves me being home with E and really doesn't want me to have to work - so that's cool. Although, he would not be opposed to me working if I was dying to have a full time job (which I'm not).

~Well, that's it for a Saturday. Not much going on here today. O went to work and E and I are being bums for now.


~**Dawn**~ said...

All I know is this: you're the mother of an infant which means you are *far* from a bum! In fact, you're probably busier than most of us.

krystyn said...

Dawn -hee hee! True, Ethan keeps me busy - especially now that he crawls around @ the speed of light. Phew! Not to mention that I'm lucky if he takes his two 30 minute naps everyday!

Mary said...

FINALLY he's getting a 2nd job! HOORAY!!!