Tuesday, September 16, 2008

~more randomness~

~Because randomness is all I have...

~Day 3 of the Homebound project. No work tonight, therefore not going anywhere. My car has sat for 3 days now.

~I am scheduled to work 10-6 tomorrow. It will probably be cancelled as they cancelled the 10-6 shift today and just extended the 9-5...oh great!!

~I was going to take a road trip with Mom up to Michigan. We both want to see friends. My BF had a baby boy last year on 5/5 and a baby girl this year on 4/30 and I haven't seen either of them. Obviously, she hasn't seen Ethan. I also wanted to go to the Cider Mills and take cute pics of Ethan in the pumpkin patches - I guess none of this will happen. Being the boring, responsible person that I am, I feel that I should spend what little money I make on bills and daily living expenses instead of overpriced fuel and hotels. We calculated it would cost at least $80-100 in fuel each way and $100 per hotel night and we were planning to stay 3-4 nights. I probably won't even make that much money anyway....especially if they keep cancelling shifts.

~Even if I don't work tomorrow, we aren't going to playgroup because I (1) had to RSVP already as if I were going to be working and (2) it's a lot farther away than the other homes where playgroup has been held.

~The playgroup is rotating at different homes and honestly, I'm not too excited about having it @ my house. All of these women have BIGWIG husbands with FAT CHECK jobs which equate to BIGA$$ houses. They all have 4 BR, 3 car garages and the lovely "bonus rooms"...so in other words...tons of room for the kiddos to play etc. I only have carpet in E's room and the office, both of which are pretty small to cram in 7 women and 7 kids...if everyone were to come. Clearly, I am the 'low man' on the totem pole - as they say.

~I guess that's all for today.


Freebird said...

Gas is $4.99/gallon according to your previous post. Dang! I wouldn't be able to afford to go to work! I hear gas price are on the increase b/c of the hurricane. GREAT.

If snobby women look down on you, screw e'm! (you know what I mean)

krystyn said...

Yep, still $4.99/gallon today too. E and I haven't gone anywhere since Sat night. Everyones complaining about gouging here because they raised the prices BEFORE the hurricane hit.

Also, if the nat'l average price is 3.85, why and the heck is it 4.99 in Knoxville, TN...the middle of nowhere?!?! MAKES NO SENSE.

Oh AND most places are OUT of regular so then you pay MORE than 4.99 to fill up. They claim it'll be 7-9 days 'til they get more gas in!! WTF?!?! Coniving thieves if you ask me!