Wednesday, September 24, 2008

~ripped off~

~I ordered a few sheets of cardstock back on 8/31.

~Found a website called Jackkyll Scraps. They had REALLY good shipping rates so I placed my order and paid via Paypal. It was $10.53 total. Small order.

~A few days later, I am contacted via email to say that she has to order the color of cs I want and my order will be slightly delayed but I should receive it the following week.

~Here we are 3+ wks later and I still have no cardstock. I have sent 3 emails and called the phone number on her website, only to receive a msg that the mailbox is full and cannot take more messages. This infuriates me.

~I have filed a claim on Paypal, but how ridiculous is this....I mean, if you want to rip people off, why not go for more than $10!!!!!!!!! What a dumbass!!!


Anonymous said...

Most people won't complain for only $10. That's probably why she does it in such small amounts.

krystyn said...

Well, probably not, but when you are as broke as I am you have to complain about $10!

I'm also pissed @ BabiesRUs. They wouldn't let me return something - there goes another $10! Dammit!

Anonymous said...

OH, I totally would complain about $10 too. I brought back a $1.73 tub of hummus on Sunday because it was moldy. I think the lady was annoyed, b/c I didn't have a receipt. Then don't sell moldy hummus.

Mary said...

omg how frustrating! I hope you get your cardstock!!