Thursday, September 04, 2008

~my not so good week~

~went to 'interview' on was 20 minutes long...she said she doesn't have anything for me and gave me a list of websites/companies to look @ for jobs....uh, I could have done that (and already have) on my own. thanks anyway!

~went to renew tags on my car. discovered that TX never sent the title to TN and I never should have gotten plates last year but someone messed up. had to call TX bank to request title. ended up with 'temporary' tag 'til title arrives. spent way too much time there.

~called the lawyer. case still not filed. I asked how long it takes to prepare & file a case. can't get an answer but it's been @ least 3-4 wks now. secretary says she's making lots of copies of other cases to back mine up so I guess something is getting done, just at a much slower rate that I would have liked. it would have been nice if they could have given me some sort of timeline for this preparation.

~had a little drama at playgroup yesterday. it's actually funny really. there's a neurotic mom who doesn't want other kids to drool on her kids toys...well, then what the heck is she doing @ playgroup? we are hoping she quits coming! playgroup is for sharing toys! duh!

~just found out that I did not make Top Guide list this week on ChaCha which bumps me DOWN to a whopping .10 per search. I am forced to do 200 (or more) searches @ that rate in order to 'qualify' for TG the following week to go back to .20 There is all kinds of 'drama' on the ChaCha message boards about this as it seems many other people also have UNPROVEN drastic drops in their Quality scores which prevented them from making TG as well...smells like a scam to me...ChaCha doesn't want to pay us. I haven't decided if I'll continue or not. I really wanted to reach $500 by Sep 14, but that will definitely NOT happen now @ a measly .10 - I'm currently @ $206 or so. Ugh! I may have more time for scrapbooking pretty soon...

~I'm really bummed about the ChaCha thing since it was at least giving me a little money (very little) -better than nothing. I guess the only good thing is that I've picked up a 3 wk temp job in a call center starting next week - they have afternoon/evening hours so I won't need daycare...again crappy pay, but better than nothing.

~If I had the body, I'd be tempted to take up table dancing for a week or so...well, maybe not, but it sure would be good money.


Mary said...

did you see there is a 3 or 4 page thread at the NSBR board at 2peas about ChaCha?

Hope your call center time goes quickly!!! :)

Freebird said...

I hear ya on the table and easy money.

Heather said...

before babies i wanted to be a stripper...jason would not let me.