Monday, September 15, 2008


~Haven't done a randomness post in a while....

~Having MAJOR issues w/my computer. I really need it to last at least another year, but I also really want a new computer.

~Considering getting a MAC when this PC kicks the bucket. I need something with awesome photo storage and heard that iphoto rocks. Will have to investigate. Also need to find a way to pay for it. If I had my job back, I could go get the darn computer right now. Argh!

~We are on Day 2 of being homebound. Gas is $4.99/gallon here - insane. For some reason though the local broadcast says it's $4.65 in the area - ha, I haven't seen that price for days now. Many stations are OUT of Regular Unleaded and they say it'll be 9 days before they get more.

~I got a little fidgety @ the end of the day yesterday...being 'cooped up' all day doesn't work well for me. So far I'm doing ok today, but yes, I really would like to go SOMEWHERE!!

~O mentioned that they asked him @ work if he would be willing to go out of town. Apparently they do work in 8 other states. Then he said that E and I could go see him there...I told him to try to get a job in Florida!! Yay!! We'll see if that comes through or not.

~I quit ChaCha.

~Hopefully I will work 3-4 days/nights this week @ the call center. It's taking catalog orders for an upscale clothing company, so I shouldn't get too many irate people. Yay!

~I managed to scrape up some motivation to run today. Hadn't ran in 6 days...eeks. Ran 2 miles.

~ I would like to sign up for the Komen Race. It will be on 10/22. I will likely not run the whole thing, but it would be nice to put up a time that's not too embarassing. :-)

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~**Dawn**~ said...

What do you mean by photo storage? Like a separate drive or area on the hard drive dedicated just to photos? Or photo organizing software?

I am going to share what I use, in case it's what you mean. And if it's not, feel free to ignore me. =P

I use Picasa, which is a free photo organization tool that you can download. I love it. It allows me to sort all my photos & it syncs up with my Picasa Web Albums online. (It also has some basic photo editing tools in it as well but you can use it just for organization.) It comes with a 1GB of free online storage & then you can buy more for a yearly fee. I upgraded to the first pay level last year: 10 additional GB of stoage. I think it's $20/year for unlimited bandwidth for uploading and even with the mass numbers of photos I have, I am only using about 18% of my available storage. The cool thing is instead of using the Blogger image upload tool, I just get the info to embed my photos directly from my Web Albums! It's all integrated because it's all powered by Google!

So I have all my photos on my hard drive, which I can find/sort/organize/etc using my Picasa program. Then I upload them online as a form of backup. And I als copy them over onto my external hard drive as well as burning CDs that a friend is storing for me, as extra precaution. Yes, I am neurotic. Almost losing all of my photos once taught me to have them backed up in multiple places in the event of a failure of any sort.