Tuesday, September 30, 2008

~up and running~

~Woohoo - I am back up and running now after my computer died a slow death on Monday. It hadn't been running very well for a while so I'm not surprised it conked out on me. Thankfully I had just put all my pics on my MyBook (external storage) as well as all my iTunes songs.

~Setting up a new computer is a pain though, especially going from XP to Vista. I had to get all my drivers online because the CDs that came w/them were not compatible with Vista. Vista is gonna take some getting used to - it's a bit funky.

~I got a cute little 'slim' HP desktop. I was going to get a laptop but when I saw this cute little thing and that it had A TON more space/speed than the laptop AND was the same price, I had to have it. It also has wireless capabilities so I may change over to wireless here @ home and then O and I can surf @ the same time. I need to call AT&T tomorrow on that.

~I no longer have Word or Excel -ugh. I have a 60 trial but get this...I can't save anything I create...what's the use of the trial?!?! I'll probably contribute to the improvement of the economy and purchase the MS Office Student version when those 60 days come to a close, unless I find I need it sooner. Amazon has a great price on it and no tax and FREE shipping - can't beat that!!

~I didn't have my bookmarks backed up...no big deal I suppose but right now I've only got 14 bookmarks saved and I know I had WAY MORE THAN THAT on my old PC. :-)

~Tomorrow is our 'playdate' - never thought I'd be doing that, but here I am. It's pretty fun too.

~There is a HUGE consignment sale starting tomorrow night too. They only do it for one week in the Fall and I think again in the Spring (not sure though). Anyway, they only take REALLY NICE stuff and I get to go tomorrow night @ 7pm because New Moms get first peek!! Gotta love that!! I hope I find some cute stuff for E.

~I am not scheduled for any hours right now - wish I was though. I signed up for this Sunday, so I hope I get it. Basically that's gonna be the only day I can work now - after what happened last Friday night, I know O won't want to be home alone w/E @ bedtime. My mom is going out of town from Oct 5-15 so I'll have no (free) babysitter and since the pay is soooooooooooooooo low, there's no sense hiring a sitter. *sigh*

~That's all for now.


Nichole M said...

Yay for new computers, but I hate switching all that stuff over, too. With macs, you can connect the new one to the old one over your wireless and it moves all your stuff for you!

Mary said...

yay - glad to hear you are up and running on the new PC!

freebird said...

I still don't have Word on my new laptop. I'm not fond of Vista either.

~**Dawn**~ said...

Oh man. I am so sorry I have been MIA. Here's the thing. I have been busy and when I am busy, I rely on Google Reader to remind me to check the blogs I love. But I can't do that with yours. =( So I have to rely on my memory to use my bookmarks, and we see how that's been going.

Speaking of bookmarks: at least you managed to clear out all the ones you never really used anyway, right? I hear you though. I hate to not have them there. I have mine all backed up on my external drive with my photos & music. Because yes, I *am* that neurotic.