Thursday, September 18, 2008

~random, random, random~

~Random is the word of the week. LOL!

~Today was my 1st shift. 7am-11am. Picked it up @ the last minute. In the first 40 minutes, I only had 2 calls, so I'm not quite sure why they called for extra people. By the end of the 4 hours, I had taken about 26 calls...still not very many if you ask me. The bummer is that you can't read a book/magazine or do anything while you are waiting for calls to come that gets quite boring. I drank 2 huge bottles of water and ate 2 small boxes of raisins in the 1st two hours because it was so slow. Oh well.

~I work tomorrow too. 1pm-6:30pm. Saturday 8pm-midnight. Sunday 2pm-6pm. Just picked up the Sunday shift. Phew. But since the work is only 'til Oct 3rd, I figure might as well cram in as many shifts as I can. Right?

~Went to Old Navy to return a couple items tonight. I grabbed a pair of the Sweetheart Jeans in a size smaller than what I am currently wearing and was SO EXCITED when I got home and tried them on. They fit!! I am officially down 1 size...1 more to go (more would be better, but I'm taking baby steps here)....odd thing though...the weight is still not coming off. I'm wondering if the nursing is keeping me where I'm at?!?!?! Time will tell.

~I'm trying to run at least every other day but the last couple runs have really hurt my back. It didn't used to hurt while I ran and now it is, so it seems like that is not getting better and probably not good that I continue, but I desperately want to drop the I keep running.

~I had picked up two really cute 3/4 length sleeve shirts @ Old Navy and when I tried them on, they were so SUPER DUPER clingy that they looked absolutely disgusting on me, so of course I returned them. They were XL too. I refuse to buy XXL. They would have fit perfectly pre-baby. *sigh*

~There is a book 'club' thing here in Knoxville, partly sponsored by Dolly Parton. I just learned of it and signed E up...he'll get a FREE book every month 'til he's 5 yrs old. Wahoo!!! It's funny cuz I've seen some of these books @ the used book store...they are .75 there and they are good stories. Yay for FREE books!



~**Dawn**~ said...

So if you're not allowed to do anything to pass time between phone calls, is there *anything* you can do?? Like busy work or something? You would think they would allow you to do something instead of just sitting around, especially something work-related. I would be desperate for something to fill the minutes.

krystyn said...

Dawn-nope, nothing, just sit there and wait for another call to come in. It's excruciatingly boring and I don't handle boredom well. We can only have certain snack foods and our beverage must be in a sport bottle or spill-proof mug. I opted for water in the sport bottle since I don't own a spill proof mug.

My shift today was 1-5 but then it was extended to 6:30pm. While I need the $$$, I'm sort of dreading that extra 1.5 hrs.

Chele76 said...

That would drive me nuts. I wonder why their call centers are that strict. Can you use the internet?

I LOVE old navy's sweethearts. Good stuff. Congrats on the size. One at a time :)

I find that Old Navy's shirts run to small... esp around the boobs.

krystyn said...

Chele-nope, no internet either..nothing @ all. Looking at the walls - maybe counting the fibers on the cubicle fabric...we could probably do that!

I'm on my 15 min break now...ugh!