Friday, September 26, 2008

~work!~ I know I was sort of complaining all week about how my shifts kept getting cancelled, well, tonight I'm @ work and I really don't care to be here. I'm on my 15 minute break right now. It's actually slower than it was last Friday so I'm surprised that my shift wasn't cancelled. I am on the 'to leave early' list so I'm hoping they boot me outta here. I can't stand just sitting there waiting for a call to come in.

~I had to go into the showroom to look at some garments for a caller. I should have taken a drool rag for myself - absolutely gorgeous sweaters in there. I'm a sweater junkie. Love them. Can't get enough of them.

~I even have to work ALL DAY tomorrow. 9am-5:30pm. Now, that shift I REALLY wish would have been cancelled because E will be @ my mom's all day and he's been a bit of a fussy booger the last 2 times she has watched him. I think he's got that 'separation anxiety' going on because he's been a bit of a 'momma's boy' lately. I'll definitely get on the "leave early list" again tomorrow.

~Well, my 15 is up. Ciao!!

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