Wednesday, January 14, 2009


~We are all SLOWLY adjusting to this new schedule of me not being home with Ethan on Mon, Tues &'s been difficult getting home @ 9pm and especially sad when he's already asleep by then. He always stayed up later when I was home...must be because I'm so fun that he doesn't want to sleep yet. LOL!

~I have attended all of my (3) classes for the first time now. I have one on Monday night and two classes on Tuesday. In all, I have 7 papers to do, 4 tests to take and 1 video to make. Yes! I am stressed already. I'm trying to get the jump on two of the papers this week.

~For paper #1 I have to attend a 'cultural' event of a cultural/ethnic group that is not my own. Suggestions included GLBT events, religious service of a different faith, an organization meeting, spend the day with the homeless etc. Right now I've decided to attend a church service @ a church in the area that welcomes GLBT individuals. I think that should be quite interesting and considering that I know very little about all of that, well, maybe I'll learn something too. Don't get me wrong, I did consider just saying I went to a Catholic mass in Spanish and writing the paper on that, as I've attended many masses in Spanish, but I'm just not a good enough bullshitter to scrape up 5-6 pages on something that happened so long I'll go to the GLBT church service this Sunday. Hopefully I can bust out the paper in the same day, although that may be pushing it a bit.

~Paper #2 I will likely do on Alcohol Dependency, it's for the Substance Abuse class. My dad is basically a 'functioning alcoholic', hence my reason for further knowledge in this area. He basically HAS to have alcohol (Vodka is his poison) daily in order to function. He's also taken up smoking cigarettes since him and my mom divorced, he hides his smoking from me, which I think is hilarious, especially since he 'punished' me as a child for sneaking my cat into my room...isn't that the same thing? I was hiding the cat, he's hiding the cigarettes...thing is though, I was a child, he is a grown up. Eh - whatever! I still love him!

~Paper #3 - is sort of optional...I can choose to write an extra paper (included in the 7 count above) and get out of taking one of the 50-question multiple choice tests in my Death, Dying & Bereavement course. I'm seriously considering this. I think a paper is a lot less work for me than studying for a test and carrying the stress that I'll do ok on the test. I would get to choose which test to opt out of and would likely pick the last test of the term, to lighten my load at the end...what do you think? What would you do? The requirement for length on the paper is not stated, but I must use 8 journal sources...

~I have declared (to O) that Sunday is officially my study day and that he will be spending the day with Ethan -every Sunday. When he has his military crap to do, my mom will take E for me. Of course, I do need to study WAY more than 1 day/wk, but at least I can be guaranteed one solid day of peace. I will likely study @ B&N or other bookstore type location.

~The GA position is going well. Of course, I haven't seen any students yet but those appointments will probably start in a couple wks. I will be helping students create their resumes, begin job searches etc. I'm sort of their 1st stop and then they will meet @ a later date with my supervisor for additional help.

~Have you ever gone to Well, basically you can put your goals on the site and ask to be reminded weeks, months, years later to see if you've reached that goal. I just rec'd 7 reminders today...sadly I have not met ANY of the goals, but am in process of reaching one which was "Obtain a Masters degree", so I guess that's not so bad huh?

~I'm excited to get out early today, will probably leave around 3:30pm today. I will hit my 20 hrs around 2pm but since the sitter is there 'til her son comes to pick her up, I figure I'll get a little extra time in here, but then still get home MUCH earlier than Monday or Tuesday.

~I guess that's it for now...I think that's enough.


Anonymous said...

I'd take the paper option. I SUCK at multiple choice. I always aced the essays - even when part of the final exam - and would get B-/C+ on the multiple choice.

Stacy said...

Yeah...take the paper. I totally agree with that!

I had never seen the 43things site before...very cool! I'll have to take some time to play with it. :)

freebird said...

All those papers to write, I don't envy you,

Mary said...

wow, sounds like you have hit the ground running! I am the rebel of the group and would take the multiple-choice test any day of the week over a paper!! But I don't stress out over tests too much...I do think the idea of opting out of the last test is a great idea - lightening the load at the end of the semester is a great way to go!!

~**Dawn**~ said...

I had never seen that 43 things site. That's really cool!

krystyn said...

Yeah so I've pretty much decided to do the extra paper. My topic: Hospice & other dying resouces and their use by the Hispanic population...Ive got 7/8 of my sources already.