Wednesday, January 07, 2009

-just an update-

A few changes this week:

I couldn't start the GA position because my supervisor didn't realize that they had to do a background check and I had to fill out a bunch of paperwork.

Ethan & I trekked to the school on Tuesday morning to fill out the paperwork.

The plan now is that I'll start on 1/12.

It seems that the world is still against me, Ethan had a massive blowout while we were there. It got all over his shirt and everything-not good.

From there we went home for a bit and then off to what will likely be our last playdate for awhile.

Today we hung out at home for the most part and I finished his birthday party invitations.

We are just having a small party here @ the house for him, it will be right on his birthday as it falls on a Sunday.

Tomorrow we are going to Mother Goose and then meeting my mom @ the mall for lunch & window shopping. Well, my mom will likely shop for real, but not me.

I haven't talked to the lawyer in quite awhile, the last I heard is that Manpower had the case moved from state court to federal court. Doesn't seem like that means much really but they did it right before the holiday probably just to buy themselves some more time.

I know I shouldn't but I often find myself sort of daydreaming about what I'll do with the lawsuit winnings (trying to be positive) will feel so good to pay off some bills and my car which would already be paid for if all this crap didn't happen.

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