Tuesday, January 06, 2009

~a day late, a dollar short~

~So now that I'm fully committed to the GA position and finishing Grad School, I received a call today for a 3 month Contract Recruiter position in Oak Ridge (same town I was working in before). You know, this just frosts my a**, it just figures-why couldn't it have come in the Summer (or sooner).

~I still want to finish school and I know I've made the right decision to do that in order to have better job security in my future, but it still frustrates me to no end 'cause dammit, I need the freakin' money and I'm tired of being broke all the damn time (and dependant upon someone else).

~Of course, it was a FT position so PT is not even an option. It's hard to really let go of that opportunity, but then when she told me which company it was for, well, that's a bit easier because turns out it's the same company that I was supposed to have that phone interview with a few months ago, remember?

~To make today even MORE fantastic that it already has been...I found out that I was denied for unemployment benefits...simply because I worked that 1 measly week @ the hospital here and then quit when I realized that working nights and being home w/E during the day just wasn't going to work. I never should have bothered w/that place, then I likely would have qualified considering that I lost the good job that I had through NO fault of my own. I'm going to appeal the decision, which won't be fun considering that the phone lines are so busy they can't even TAKE my call. A-holes!

~And yet there is more...O recently told me that the Guard won't schedule him for boot camp until the doctor releases him. The problem with that is that then he said ALL the slots for boot camp are full and they'll have to find him a slot once he is released. He needs to leave no later than May 16th because he has to go to boot camp within 2 yrs of signing up for the Guard and it'll be 2 yrs on May 16th. If he doesn't leave by 5/16, they will discharge him on a medical discharge. He will lose the $5k bonus he would have got upon returning from boot camp. He will also lose the OTHER $5k bonus he should get after being in the Guard for 3 yrs (May 2010)...so can you feel my MAJOR frustration over this whole thing? I REALLY need him to go to BC...I'm counting on 10 wks of peace and I may go insane if I don't get it.

~Another reason why I just love the Guard so much...they have yet to reimburse him the $300ish that he has spent towards his knee surgery. They told him that the only way he could get it back would be for him to go to the Recruiting station and 'work' there for a few days, making copies and such - and then they'd reimburse him...huh? That sure doesn't sound right to me...why should he have to give another minute of his time to be reimbursed for medical expenses from an injury that occured on THEIR time. Knowing him, he'll let it go and never get the money back.

~If his case wasn't so specific, I'd write to the newspaper to tell them how shitty the TN Nat'l Guard treats their soldiers. The odd thing is the Guard "bosses" absolutely love him when he goes there his one weekend per month, they put him in charge etc., yet they aren't doing anything to help him out with all this crap. Not sure why they'd want to lose him, if he's so damn fantastic there. More A-holes! (And I know he SHINES there, it is totally his forté...he should have enlisted in full time military years ago, but he was rebelling against his father, so he didn't).


Anonymous said...

I thought there was like a week window or something for unemployment, where if you quit within a week, it didn't count. I could be making that up.

Mary said...

gah, you can't catch a break!! :( things have to start going your way!!!

Mary said...

Hey, I meant to say, i like that you added "for now" to your title...hopefully soon things will change!!

krystyn said...

Mary, I wouldn't be able to tolerate it if it wasn't a temporary thing. As pessimistic as I tend to be, even I think things have to get better at some point. I am tired of waiting but I guess I have no choice bug to wait and wait and wait some more.