Tuesday, January 20, 2009


~So I went to the GLBT church service on Sunday. I have ONE word only: INTERESTING. I'm almost done with my paper too!!

~I enjoyed my 'extra' day off of school this week....Mirra & Courtney came over to play with Ethan and I. Fun was had by all.

~As luck would have it, I attend the only university in the state that decided NOT to close today. Oh joy!! I ended up coming in a little late instead of risking my life on icy roads with a bunch of wackos who don't know how to drive on anything but dry roads.

~My Substance Abuse professor let us out early today so we could see the Inauguration. I watched some of it. Apparently I'm below average and not as excited as the 'average' person about all this. I'm really glad that I won't have to hear anymore talk about what designer Michele Obama will wear though. Geesh -that's important!!!

~The high here today is 29. It's only 25 right now, so I don't see us getting to 29. My point is that I have a night class - it ends @ 9pm. Ugh! It will probably be 15 @ 9pm. My teacher is a safety-nut, literally!! I'm not exaggerating. She is part of the Public Policy Dept and teaches various Health & Safety courses. I have her for Death, Dying & Bereavement and she is big on being safe and living long. I think if she stands by her word, then she needs to either (1) cancel class or (2) let us go VERY early tonight.

~Stay warm!


Chele76 said...

I have a weird question, why would cool weather be unsafe, or lead her to cancel class? Is it wet and potential for black ice?

krystyn said...

Chele- it snowed this a.m., the snow is melting, water on road, below freezing, turns to ice. Plus she is a security FREAK, no exaggeration, so I'm thinking maybe, just maybe we'll get out early.

krystyn said...

Yep, I just realized I left the 'snow' part off my initial blog post...so it's the combo of snow and cold that equals danger. Sorry 'bout that. :) Good question though. Stay warm up there!

Chele76 said...

oh that makes more sence now :)

So I'd like to hear more about the service you went to. How was it different?

~**Dawn**~ said...

I am betting the wackos don't even drive that well on dry roads. I know they don't down here! And I am thankful every Winter that we don't get snow & ice.

Mary said...

I don't know that anyone anywhere really knows how to drive in this stuff. I hear people up north say the same thing!!