Friday, January 30, 2009

~writing papers~

~I've finished paper #1 - the one on the GLBT event. 6 more papers to go.

~I've started paper #2 - topic: Hospice Use among the Hispanic population. This is for the Death & Dying class.

~I've begun research for paper #3 - topic: Cravings & Alcohol Abuse (or something like that)...I thought this would be an interesting topic, however I'm finding more articles on Cravings and Cigarettes as opposed to Alcohol, so I'm getting a bit annoyed.

~I was able to make some progress on paper #2 while home with Ethan yesterday, so that was nice. He was playing and I was typing. Today I didn't get much done as we met mom for lunch. I'm trying to make a little progress on it now. I would like to get this one done during the week...wish me luck.

~The lawyer wanted to contact my former mgr to 'confirm' that I would likely still be employed there had all this crap not happened...he was supposed to call her on Thursday. It will be used as a 'bargaining chip' during negotiations. I haven't heard from him since Wednesday. I am not surprised.

~I have probably about 100 pages to read, so I better go now.

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Stacy said...

Good on ya for getting a head start. I keepwishingall my work would just *magically* be done! :)