Tuesday, October 06, 2009

current thoughts

~i'm trying hard to fight off the nerves of tomorrow's presentation. so far in my (professional) life I have avoided doing presentations like the plague. there is no escaping this one. thankfully it's only 50 minutes long and I'm splitting the slides with my supervisor, but regardless of all of that, i'm still nervous.

~i may take a 'mental health day' next Thursday, Oct 15. It will be Fall Break and I won't have Stats class that day, which makes even more sense to stay home.

~tonight the Tigers face the Twins to find out who moves on to the playoffs. i'm not sure i will be able to watch this one as the Tigers are notorious for blowing everything in the end....just like they blew a 7 game lead in the last 3 weeks of the season.

~looks like E may be going to daycare beginning in January. my current child care arrangement is sort of fizzling out and now that he's getting older, he can get MORE out of daycare, i.e. education, social interaction etc. The best part, the daycare is owned by a lady in my neighborhood & we've gone over to play with her kids - she has triplets & an older son. Since I will need at least 4 days of care per week in January, it seems like the logical thing to do. Depending on what day the (new & improved) play group falls on, I may or may not be able to go, so in the least, E will have kids to play with and if I have any luck at all...he'll get on a napping schedule. Oh halleluah!!!

~i'm getting great insight & coaching from a fellow GA student here in my office. she has given me great tips on my upcoming Practicum & Internship. I jokingly told her I need to make her my mentor...but really, I need one. She rocks.

~now that my PC data is backed up, i'm pretty excited about getting a "new" computer...well sort of new, right?

~thinking that $347 is ALOT of money to pay for a stack of papers. this particular stack is a printed copy of my deposition. I did not realize this cost was coming out of my "winnings" - I looked @ the first few pages & stuck it in a file cabinet. Sucks! I can think of a gazillion much more exciting things I would have liked to spend that $347 on. too bad i didn't have that option.

~comprehensive exams were given to students graduating from my program last friday. it's crazy stressful. two years (or more in my case) of studying, comes down to 1 test and 3 hours. if you don't pass, you don't graduate. one of the girls in my stats class who took the test on friday stepped out of class today for about 10 minutes...because she was crying...about the test. that's stressful. i'm already worried about it & I don't take it 'til next year.

~by the looks of my Nike mini, I probably need to run soon. I did the Operation Bootcamp on Saturday of which I am just NOW recovering from & while we ran, it wasn't running that I could really track with my iPod. I'm pretty disenchanted with running right now. It's sucking up my time & it's been painful lately. I may just take a mini-hiatus from it...like say, all of October. We'll see.

~hoping that my visit to the OB in two weeks yields some good information for me. vague, i know and NO, i'm not pregnant.

~thinking about taking an 'extra' class next semester, although not necessarily "extra". it would be applied to my post Masters EdS degree. I need 24 credits for the EdS. I already have 3 (hooray) since I took Substance Abuse last semester for the Mental Health Program, but it's not required for the School Counseling program...now I can apply it to my EdS...the more classes I take now while I'm a GA, the better....they are FREE!!!

~the candy corn in my banner is making me wish I had some here @ the office.

~thinking about a friend who turns 46 today.


Fidgeting Gidget said...

I guess I didn't realize that classes were free when you're a GA! I agree, the more you can get out of it (without melting down because you're too overloaded), the better!

And YAY for finding a mentor...sorta! :)

DOUBLE YAY FOR MENTAL HEALTH DAYS!! I was just talking to a friend about that, she said she sometimes uses sick days because she's sick of all the sh*t going on at work...haha, I thought that was totally legitimate.

Anonymous said...

Did your attorney not make clear that costs were your responsibility? Anything that he actually has to pay out of pocket the client reimburses him for, whether you win or not. If he didn't make it clear you can always argue with him about paying it.

JW.BW said...

Good luck on your presentation! I cant wait to hear about how it went!!

mental health days are AWESOME!! Since I cant take an actual mental health day right now, i take several mental health MOMENTS during any given day, where I just totally drownd out my coworkers and day dream about winning the lotto while they talk...

Lisa Michelle said...

OMG - I so need a mental health day too!

Candy Corn and party Peanuts. Tastes just like a salted nutroll. It is an awesome blend. Sweet and Salty.

I am so happy your lawsuit has finally come to a close. That had to have been a very impatient long wait.

Beth said...

Never underestimate the power of a mental health day. I wish there was something I could do to help you feel less overwhelmed. You have a LOT on your plate - including a toddler.

Rachel said...

Oh girly! I feel like I have been so busy and not had a chance to catch up with you properly lately! I hope all is well with you and E!! :) You've been in my thoughts!

CC. said...

love love love candy corns, cant wait to get me some of them...cute banner :)

~**Dawn**~ said...

Sounds like daycare may be the way to go. Lots of benefits to it for him (and you!) especially at this age.

I hope your doctor's appointment goes well. Been thinking about you!