Friday, October 02, 2009


~once upon a time I lived a drama-free life.

~i don't cause drama nor do I encourage it to come near. I prefer to steer clear.

~then I got married & had a baby...and the drama found me.

~plenty of drama in O's family, of which I won't go into....instead let me share with you the drama that has evolved in the very, very, very important PLAY GROUP! (sarcasm!)

~yep, that's right folks. Play Group has become full of drama & is on the verge of falling apart. crazy, i know!

~E and I missed quite a few over the Summer since I had class on Thursday mornings, but now that the group has been changed to Fridays we can participate again...that is if it doesn't all fall apart.

~I don't know how/why it started & I am not involved (thank goodness). Well, my involvement is actually just being updated on it all from my play group friend (the one who keeps me on the phone F-O-R-E-V-E-R). She is the "founder" & "organizer" of the group.

~It seems that one of the newer gals that joined earlier this year was trying to "take the reigns" from my friend and wanted to lead the group....I dunno much more than that, but that seems to be the situation.

~Then a clique formed with the "take the reigns" girl & all kinds of other high-school-ish behavior ensued. At this point, I'm glad I missed all those summer play sessions...apparently that is when all of this went down.

~So now "take the reigns" newer gal has dropped out. Apparently she got upset when she called to ask if she & her daughter could still come to our last playgroup even though her daughter had a fever the day before!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Um, really? Are you kidding? It had not been 24hrs since she was fever free & typically that is the "rule" to avoid exposing others.

~Just the fact that she asked annoys the piss outta me...because you see...on NUMEROUS occasions her daughter had the world's nastiest runny nose while at many of our play groups. Before I knew better, I chalked it up to the whole teething process...but now I'm not so sure.

~So all that to say...i cannot understand how grown women have the time & energy for all this drama & to be so unbelievably ridiculous. And even while my friend (founder) says she's "sick of it" etc.....I think she plays a pivotal role in all of it as well.

~So now it is likely the group will (sort of) end and then a "new" group will be started, which will include only the non-cliquish people. Let's hope the new group stays drama-free...


M.J. said...

"drama-free"....sounds deliciously boring.

Travel & Dive Girl said...

It's a sad statement when adults turn back into petty teens - and then they wonder where their children have picked up the bad habits. Good Luck - hopefully they don't totally ruin it for you.

Linda said...

Better get used to it. In grade school it's the Room Mother's and PTO. It continues through graduation. After that they are usually on their own, then the only thing you won't hear about college is the parties. The best thing to do is remain completely neutral. After all, it's about the kids, right?

Loredana said...

How sad when all you're trying to do is have your kids play together. And instead the parents are acting like the kids!

Sometimes I think the older we get the wiser we'll become and we'll have less drama in our lives. Too bad that isn't so. So instead when and where there is drama, I try to stay back!

Anonymous said...

It is the saddest thing about becoming an adult - you realize that adults are just as bad as when they were in high school, they just have their own money and no curfew.

emilysuze said...

Oh gosh. Seriously?!? Hope a new group comes out of this one and is way better (and germ free) for you and E.

Rachel said...

Playgroup drama?? This is what we have to look forward to if I have children??? UGH... I'm stressed about it already.

~**Dawn**~ said...

Dawn is a Drama-Free Zone. Drama is what happens when you put too many women in close proximity to one another on a repeated basis, unless you are *all* of the anti-drama mindset. That is my rule for acquiring new girl friends to my circle: You must also be of the desire to remain drama-free. Not that it doesn't find us all from time to time, but I don't want to deal with those who spawn it & thrive on it!

msprimadonna67 said...

Sadly, some people never out-grow their addiction to high school drama.