Saturday, October 24, 2009

week in review

~ran the Komen 5K today. not a great time, but I've been dealing with a funky Achilles Tendon that decided to go wacko on me after my Tuesday run. Lovely!

~took the cats to the vet today for their year (& 3 months) checkup. Hula is defying the odds as she turned 5 years old in March and I was told by the university vet docs that she may only last that long considering her grade 5 heart murmur and defect. she's amazing. i see no changes in her behavior and she continues with her daily Atenolol. all is good w/her. Milo on the other hand, while healthy, is a big wimp a$$...he cried and cried and cried all the way TO the vet, AT the vet & on the way home FROM the vet. he even hissed @ the doctor and he NEVER hisses. hilarious!

~cut a bunch of the squares for my soon to be quilt today. i'm pretty excited about making this. i hope i don't mess it up down the road when i get to the more complicated parts. i'm going with a green/teal/brown sort of theme. i'll post pictures soon. i need to find 2 more fabrics to coordinate first. i got 6 patterns at JoAnn's the other day, so tomorrow I'll head up to ACMoore to find at least 2 more. this is already getting addicting.

~no more studying on least until I start sub-teaching....which won't happen for at least 3 wks 'til they process the paperwork (slow pokes). i'll be dropping E at daycare on Monday, head to the gym and then to B&N (or Borders now that they joined the party with the FREE internet) to study.

~hoping to go to Boo @ The Zoo on Sunday but this afternoon E developed a fever which was later followed by a cough and runny nose. not sure where it came from as he did not go to daycare on Friday. he got a flu shot a week ago Thursday. hoping he can fight this one off quickly, if not, my study Monday plans will be shot & I have a paper to write. oh boy.

~got my PC back from HP. set it up last night. all is well. there are major pros & cons to tracking finances on the when you don't have it for 3 weeks, then have to install the program on your laptop & then restore the backup file & then input all the receipts & then when old computer returns, restore (new) backup file onto that computer. was exhausting (mentally & physically). glad to be done with that nightmare.


Rachel said...

Hope E feels better VERY soon!

JW.BW said...

Awww, poor lil E, hope he is feeling better!!

great job on finishing another 5k!! especially when you werent feeling 100%!

I really cant wait to see the quilt you are making! How fun!

Anonymous said...

Yay for finishing. You haven't been running much lately, so you should be proud that you were able to do it, even if it wasn't a personal best.

Hope E is doing better (I see on your Twitter update he's up crying).

~**Dawn**~ said...

I hope E is feeling better today. And as for Milo? Just like a boy to be the whiny one. ;-)

Travel & Dive Girl said...

I'm jealous - I've always wanted to make a quilt, but am worried if I start one, I will loose interest. I'd love to see some photos of your fabric choices.