Sunday, October 04, 2009

Good, Bad & the Ugly

Good: i have a cute little HP slimline desktop PC. it doesn't take up much space on my desk which is awesome!
Bad: it broke yesterday.
Ugly: due to small size they are pain to work on & parts are hard to find. great!

Good: My HP slimline desktop PC is only 1 year & 6 days old.
Bad: Best Buy Geek said he's seen a "few" of these same PCs in the shop...for motherboard issues. gasp!
Ugly: I'm going to have to use up space on my laptop to install my printer driver so I can print my school work.

Good: I emailed HP & they said it's still under warranty. yay!
Bad: I would have to ship it to them (on their $$ though) for repair.
Ugly: I would get my PC back in "factory shipped condition" other words, with ALL of my data etc wiped clean.

Good: I am an organized person.
Bad: I struggle with digital organization.
Ugly: I'm unsure exactly WHEN I last backed up pictures & music, although I know it was recently...but I was unaware of HOW to backup Outlook...wah!!!


em said...

Love your new banner! :)

Nichole M said...

DUDE. That completely sucks. I'm sorry. :-(

Optimistic Pessimist said...

do you remember life without a computer? how did we ever get by? it's completely maddening when stuff like this happens.

emilysuze said...

I keep meaning to tell you how cute the candy corn is. :) And sorry about the HP and data. Good thing it's still under warranty! I had to ship mine off a few weeks ago and the turn around time was faster than I thought it would be so hopefully the same happens with yours!

JW.BW said...

Thats terrible!!! I hope they get it fixed quickly!!

I love the candy corn banner!! CANDY CORN IS MY FAV!!!!!!

The Novelista Barista said...

hey question!!.... i LOVE UR ETSY SHOP!!! so very cute!!!! would u want to be apart of a giveaway of mine??? i am going to be ahving another one really soon,,, let me know i would love to promote ur shop!!! :)

Anonymous said...

sorry for you. i now realize that i neither had made a back up of my stuff. i hope my pc don't broke soon.

Travel & Dive Girl said...

I love the new banner, although I don't understand the draw of candy corn itself.

Hope your computer issues get sorted out soon with minimal loss.

M.J. said...

Sorry to hear about your computer troubles :(

On a more positive note, I love your festive banner!

Beth said...

Just wait until E gets older. He can backup all the computers as one of his chores. I think I learned more about computers from my kids than any where else. I hope they never move out.