Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Results: November Goals

1) Read 4 books:  FAILED! 3 books...working on the 4th.  I was enjoying The Mindy Project way too much which took away from reading time. It's ok though, I love that show!!

2) Make 8 blog posts. FAILED! Completed 6 posts in November.

3) Run the 2 races I'm currently signed up for this month. FAILED! Had to defer on the Turkey Trot and walked the Nov 8 5k I had signed up for. Hoping & planning to (finally) run a 5k this Saturday....it was supposed to be a 1/2 though. 

4) Remove the broken treadmill from my house. ACCOMPLISHED!! I (alone) removed it from the house on Friday afternoon and by Saturday morning it was gone - either the garbage men took it or someone drove by in the middle of the night and took it for parts?

5) Organize my closet. FAILED! I look at the mess every day but have been too lazy to pull a chair into the closet and tackle the shelf. Maybe this month!

6) Re-focus my eating habits. IN PROGRESS! Yes...happy to report that I've made positive progress on this one...but let's be honest, everyday is a challenge. 

7) Run 1 mile a day from Thanksgiving morning through to the end of the year. FAILED!! Of course I couldn't start this on Thanksgiving day, but maybe I'll be able to start it up by mid-December...just have to see how my fussy leg feels...especially after the upcoming 5k.

Well, overall it appears that November was much more a month of FAILURE than SUCCESS. Oh well...there's always December, right?

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