Thursday, May 21, 2009


~it will be a busy day for E and I today.

~we are off to play at 12noon with his girlfriend.

~@ 3:30pm we have his 15 month check up, which includes shots. ouch!

~my dad should be arriving as we return from E's appt. he will spend the night here so we can leave early in the morning. he lives 1 hour from us.

~i'll have to do some packing and get things ready for our departure for VA.

~@ 7:30pm I will be enjoying immensely being out of the house getting my pedicure with the Mom's Night Out group. O will hopefully manage to get E to sleep w/o me and I think I'll take my time getting home just out of spite. because I'm mean that way.

~I'm so mean in fact, that I'm contemplating staying in VA until Monday and just may not tell O until we are already there. I think I deserve the extra day away from him. Yes indeed I do.


Daniel said...

yes indeed you do.

marathoner81 said...

Sounds like a busy day. Good luck with the shots - that's always tough.

Hope you enjoy your pedicure and time out of the house...I agree take your sweet ass time. You deserve it.

emilysuze said...

1) It's so cute that E has a girlfriend to go play with.
2) I think appts w/shots should be the guy's job. I cried when baby P had his first set of shots two weeks ago.
3) Hooray for getting out of the house and getting a pedicure! Maybe you should stop for a very leisurely cup of coffee on the way home? ;)
4) Enjoy your weekend in VA!

~**Dawn**~ said...

I hope the shots go as well as possible. (I hate them too, E!) And you *so* deserve this weekend. I hope you get a chance to recharge.

Moonjava said...

I find it absolutely adorable that E has a "girlfriend". ;)

em said...

With his girlfriend. :)
Too cute.

ROW said...

You're not mean O should want to spend that quality time with E. You have to take care of yourself in whatever way you can so you can continue to be a good Mom :) Enjoy your trip!

The Novelista Barista said...

good luck with E at the shots,
have a GREAT weekend and enjoy ur time in VA!!!!!!!

Vanessa said...

Pedicures make everything better!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, have fun tonight and screw O (not literally, I'm sure you have NO desire to do that). I wish I could infuse him with some of David's daddy goodness.