Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Weaning: Episode 2

~it was a rough one last night.

~initially it looked like things were improving, he fell asleep in 20 minutes

~then woke up 40 minutes later

~finally back to sleep until 2:15am (again!)

~we were up for about an hour and then he fell asleep until 4:30am

~at that point, I caved, took him to bed with me and we both zonked out for 2 awesome hours of solid sleep. I was freakin' exhausted and couldn't stay up anymore trying to comfort him in his crib.

~i'm doing this alone. husband is a big wimp and is sleeping @ my mom's house to avoid the crying. this type of behavior should be disclosed prior to marriage if you ask me. he is getting out of ALL of the difficult parts of parenting...digress...another story for another day.

~i don't think we are going to have the results everyone tells me they got after 3 days. we seem to be on a (much) slower road.

~i'm going to focus more on weaning him from nursing as opposed to getting him to fall asleep on his own. he will sleep in his crib but I am having to rub his back or head to get him to finally nod off.

~still feeling somewhat zombie-like.


Krystyn said...

Okay, your hubby needs a swift kick in the a$$. That is not acceptable!

I definitely think the weaning should be from the nursing, first. Still do the cuddles and everything else, that can go later.

My next question. Did you go cold turkey, or slowly one feeding at a time?

It will get better. I call it a battle of wills...you are stronger and you have to be more stubborn.

remember moments said...

Yes indeed my husband needs a BIG kick in the a$$ - I'd love to give it to him too. Instead I let him go because I really don't need the additional stress he would impose in this situation.

I think my mom may come over tonight to provide some support for me.

I'm trying SO hard to be strong/stubborn.

I guess it would be cold turkey, however we were only nursing @ night and occasional naps on Thurs & Fri (days I don't work). It is more about comfort for E than anything else.

Yesterday when I got home from work, he grabbed a pillow, brought it to me and that is his way of telling me he wants to nurse. I'm to put the pillow on my lap and him on top of that. It's hilarious really, but I end up having to distract him so as to not nurse.

So since I really need him to be in his crib, I am putting him there and then rubbing his back to get him to sleep. I'll deal with reducing that later, ultimately I need (want) to stop nursing (even though I feel guilty) at this point. It would be WAY too hard to keep him in bed w/me and not nurse...with the boobs right there in his face and all. LOL!

marathoner81 said...

Ughhh...I'm sorry you're having such a tough time. My ex-husband used to sleep on the couch until my son started sleeping through the night so he could get some rest. It made me so resentful. I had to work too.

As for the sleeping through the night my doctor told me to put my son in my crib and let him cry. I did and he cried the whole entire night, it was horrible. The next night he did a lot better. BUT that method isn't for every child, I've heard mixed reviews from people. Good luck....I feel for you.

Daft-Knee said...

just a tip
a blowdryer on relaxes the baby
like the sound
we did it to my little brother

be patient!

Amy said...

Hang in there, girl. It doesn't get any better. My 9 yr old had me up half the night this weekend, puking. Fun times...they never go away.

Oh, and yeah kick the hubsters butt!

Bored Housewife said...

Don't feel guilty! If you can't substitute the word REGRET for GUILT, then you're in the clear. You wont regret this, I promise. You can do it! You'll both be happier, E just doesn't know it yet.
You can hand your husband potty training, 'cause that is a pain in the ass.

msprimadonna67 said...

WHAT? He's sleeping in ANOTHER house to avoid the weaning process?? NOT COOL!

oddchance78 said...

Husband really need a swift kick!!!
I remember how hard it was to ween, but it gets easier. Really, it does, you'll get a whole new set of things to take care of. I used a rocking chair to get them to sleep then put them in the crib.
They are 10 and 7 and every once in a while they will wake up in the middle of the night and still come crawl in bed with us.

Anonymous said...

Cool site. I like some of your interests too. I will be checking back...

emilysuze said...

Boo to your husband. This process shouldn't be more stressful for you when he's there, that's his job as a parent and as a husband.

Reading about the weaning process is already making me wince. I might end up being one of those moms that has a nine year old child going to school with a pacifier or still drinking from a bottle. Eek!

Hopefully having your mom tonight will allow you to get some much needed sleep and support.

remember moments said...

Yep my husband sucks and I am often resentful that he can't just deal with it, but that's another story for another day.

Heidi Renée said...

My husband does that crap to me, too. Not with kid stuff, but other important things. "I need my sleep, I have to work." Ass, I have to work, too. And make your dinner and clean and everything else. YOU just have to go to work.

Sandra said...

Our Child or children are our angels and I know how it feels when you have to do something that making them upset. By starting your son with this, you already know it is for his own good-that is what you need to remind yourself, when he might be crying or just getting up too often. It took me two weeks and as each day began, I knew I was getting closer.
My son is 11 now and is a great sleeper. NO regrets, keep it up your doing great. PS I had to do it on my own too-not fair I know but my son is closer to me (I wonder why?).

Tisha said...

It's too bad your hubby has forgotten that he is a parent too! Mine avoided all the heavy duty stuff too. Buggers, aren't they? I could think of a better word, but then you might not post my comment.
Good luck!

lolit said...

it is really a big responsibility on your part and sad that your husband seem uncooperative. i can relate to that friend.