Tuesday, August 11, 2009

cocina mexicana a la Beatriz

To stick with tradition, the lovely Senorita Andaluciana has offered to guest post for me today with a Spanish lesson via a wonderful traditional recipe. Enjoy it!! Visit her blog too - she is funny, interesting & has some very blog-inspiring roommates.
Ya que K13 esta de vacaciones me toco a mí el martes conocido como “Te Amo Tuesdays”. Translation! Please! Well K13 is on vacation so I get to impress you all with my language skills! *insert eye-rolling smiley face*

Today’s lesson is going to revolve around cooking! Thus today’s recipe and lesson will be on how to make Mexican Rice, aka Red Rice, aka Spanish rice but that last one doesn’t really apply I guess. The recipe has different variations but all of them are delicious! I am providing a version of the instructions in Spanish and in English but no pronunciation for the Spanish, for me it’s very difficult to give that. My brain just goes huh? Hope you all enjoy this!

Arroz Mexicano (A-rrrrrrr-os Mehikano) Mexican Rice

½ taza de arroz blanco (med-ya taza de a-rrrr-os blan-ko)
½ cup white rice

¼ cebolla (sa boy ya)
¼ onion

½ lata de salsa de tomate (med-ya taza de salsa de toe-ma -tay)
½ can of tomato sauce (8oz)


Consume de pollo (Kone-sue-meh de po-yo)
Chicken Bouillon

1 cucharada de Aceite (ku-cha-rah-da de A-say-tay)
1 tbsp oil (olive, canola, corn)

1-2 tomate (toe-ma-tay)
1-2 tomatoes (optional)

3–4 tazas de Agua (trace – quattro tas as day agua)
3-4 cups wáter

En un sartén caliente el aceite, aunque a veces se necesita mas de una cucharada, así que agregue suficiente aceite para que todo el arroz quede cubierto pero que no haiga exceso. Cuando el aceite este caliente, mezcle con el arroz y freír hasta que este un color oro/marrón.

Ahora agregue la cebolla – esto es al gusto si prefiere mas agregue mas o menos si no le gusta – y freír hasta blanda pero que el arroz no se ponga completamente marrón.

Agregar salsa de tomate para dar color y sabor a tomate, si prefiere no agregar salsa se le puede agregar 2 tomates para dar suficiente sabor pero no tendrá el color rojo. Si usa los tomates corte en rebanados o rodajas.

Agregar agua, que cubra el arroz completamente y que haiga una pulgada de agua arriba del arroz. Cocinar a fuego mediano, si se cubre entonces estará listo dentro de 30 minutos o menos. Cuando este caliente el agua agregue sal o consume al gusto, ya que el consume dará muy buen sabor y tiene sal. Si no quiere usar consume use sal pero no los mezcle porque estará demasiado salado. Si se deja destapado tendrá que agregarle mas agua y cuidar que no se pegue al sartén.

El arroz esta listo cuando este florecido o expandido y no haiga granos que se vean blancos en el centro.

In a large to medium sized skillet heat up the oil. You may need to use more than one tablespoon to make sure the rice is completely covered but do not use so much that you have the oil pool. Once the oil is hot add the rice and sauté until it is golden brown.

Once the rice is golden brown or close to it, add the onion. Sauté until soft but do not allow the rice to turn a dark brown color. The amount of onion is up to the chef as some prefer a stronger flavor than others so you can modify this.

Add tomato sauce to give the red color and tomato flavoring but if you prefer you may limit it to just tomatoes 1 or 2, although it will not be red. If you choose to add tomatoes instead slice them or dice them before adding.

Add water to where it covers the rice completely and at least 1 inch above the rice itself. Cook on medium heat and cover the skillet, the rice will be done in 30 minutes or less. When the water is hot add the chicken bouillon or salt, but if you use bouillon do not add salt as it will be too salty. You may choose to not cover but you will probably have to add water later on and watch it so it doesn’t stick to the skillet.

The rice is done when it looks like it’s flowered or expanded and there are more rice grains that have a white center. They should be almost see-through and fluffy.


Travel & Dive Girl said...

Yum - I love Mexican Rice, but never had a recipe of my own. I had to settle for the Rice a Roni version...

M.J. said...

I make a mean "gallo pinto," which is Costa Rica's version of rice & beans. I even special order Lizano, a vegetable salsa used in pretty much all comida a la tica.