Thursday, August 20, 2009

conflicted & RWP encounter

~classes started back up yesterday. because of this, I now have to leave my house AT LEAST 10 minutes earlier so as to not have to park in BFE. I really enjoyed my "close" parking spot (not really *that* close, but closer than what I have now) over the Summer.

~i ordered the book for my Stats class through Amazon. It was a bit cheaper and shipping is FREE, so why not? It still cost me $90, which is INSANE.

~when I went to class last night, I discovered that the book for THAT class is $130!!! It's paperback and about 8.5x11 in size. It's $104 on Amazon. Someone asked if we could use the 3rd edition instead as it is only $40. The prof said we could, however she has never used it so hard to say how much difference there will be. I've always bought the EXACT book needed for classes, I'm a bit obsessive that way. So my dilemma is that I have quite a bit of reading to do already and need to start right I hurry & order it on Amazon and hope it arrives by Monday (which is unlikely unless I expedite & would off set any savings) or do I just truck over to the campus bookstore today and fork out the $140?!?! Damn that hurts!! Oh and on Monday I paid $162 for a freakin' parking pass which is only valid through May 15, 2010. Damn this week has been expensive...which is why I take my lunch EVERY DAY!!!

~RWP Report: this report is based solely on last night's class. I still have a new class this morning @ 9:40 and there is bound to be someone in there, in fact, I already know the same RWP will be in there because she is in the School Counseling program as well. Oh joy. So basically there was only 1 other gal in class last night that I knew. She flagged me down and began to chat with me. RWP did not like that this gal was chatting with me. What? Did we just transport back to high school? You must be kidding. She wouldn't look at me and when she talked to the gal I knew, she blatantly made a point to not include me in the conversation. Awesome. Whatever. I'm too old for that shit. Well because my luck sucks, I ended up seated next to her and then had to do class introductions with her as we were told to pick someone we didn't know. It was so obvious that she really didn't want to talk to me and would have rather introduced the girl she already knows. Get over it!! So turns out she is getting married in February, to a guy in a band, who is on tour. Oh and she also sings in a different band, named after her favorite p*rn movie (wth?) and then she said they aren't really any good but they may be having a show on August 30th or something. Many of her comments throughout class were beyond immature. Oh let me tell you the class is "Psychology of the Exceptional Child" and while I am a doofus and thought that meant "exceptional SMART" kids, it actually means those with special needs. She was so childish in her comments, often laughing or making off-remarks while we watching a couple of DVDs....are you kidding? I was almost embarrassed for her. And she wants to be a school counselor? Oh no! I'm not sure I can come up with a funny list of questions or comments for her like the Optimistic Pessimist did for the Gold Tooth Girl, but I'm sure I'll have more reports on her unbelievably immature behavior as we move along through this class. I just hope I don't get teamed with her for the group project - the teacher is assigning our groups. Gasp!!


Fidgeting Gidget said...

This post was funny. I mean, I know I shouldn't laugh at your misfortune about being stuck with the RWP (who I'm dubbing Porn Band girl), but RWP stories are always funny when you're not the ARWP having to deal with it.

And I love that you use the terms "BFE" and "gal." I thought I was the only one!

KekeLynn said...

And people wonder why kids are so screwed up today with people like that who are going to be their counselers!!! WOW... I would have had to tell her to shut up I think.

Lisa Michelle said...

Oh my!! more RWP encounters. What is up with this week? I think I will resort to online school if I ever go back. And really, tell me, why are school books so damn expensive? I remeember my Managerial Accounting course book costing like $100+. that is just assnine!!

I love the Porn Band girl comment. Good job FG.

K13 said...

FG: we are the great mid-westerners, hence our fabulous use of the terms "BFE" and "gal" :) Hooray!

Keke: I found out even more on RWP girl today. Apparently she has been "talked to" by professors in our program. I'm thinking she may not make it as a counselor is she continues the way she has.

Lisa: TONS of RWP @ universities. Turns out that a RWP from my Summer class is in my Tues/Thurs class - the over-sharer. Great!! I hope she doesn't tell everyone in this class that she's on her 3rd marriage - or maybe we could do a probability exercise on whether it will is a STATS course after all!

f8hasit said...

Your post reminds me of the years I was in grad school. There were some professors that had us buy books that we never, I mean NEVER even cracked open. I was furious! It's all a racket.

Thanks for stopping by my spot. I've now added you to my reading list...gotta keep up with RWP!

~**Dawn**~ said...

Ugh! What is the deal with freaking expensive text books?! I remember being in school & wondering why they thought *students* were made of money!

Beth said...

I know what you mean about the books! I just forked over money for my oldest son (a college sophomore) to buy his books. They are ridiculously expensive.

As for the Psychology of the Exceptional Child - how neat that you'll have an exceptional child in the class to test out the theories.

Rachel said...

Oh gosh!! That is an outrageous amount for a book to cost. UGH. I hate textbooks. I remember having to pay a couple of hundred dollars to pay. NOT cool

JW.BW said...

Good luck with your new RWP. It seems theres one in every class. Guess this is what I have to look forward to when I start school again next year. Oh, and I already plan on holding a charity auction so I can pay for my books.

Optimistic Pessimist said...

scary that these people are going to become counselors. And a school counselor singing in a band named after her favorite porno...interesting.