Thursday, August 27, 2009

random thoughts

~when I surf running blogs, I look at their best times posted and if they have finished a 5K in 25 minutes or less, I refuse to follow them or read their blogs...they are clearly an ADVANCED runner and it's too depressing for me to read. right now anyway.

~i refuse to buy songs on iTunes that cost 1.29!! What the heck is the deal with that anyway? Why aren't all songs .99? What is so much better about these songs that they are charging $1.29 for them? That's just wrong.

~i've been going to Sonic just about every morning before work to get a Diet Dr. Pepper...the best part, besides that they are cheaper than ChickFila...they are giving out satisfaction surveys and if you call and do the survey, you get a FREE Route 44 beverage. I haven't paid for a single beverage this week!! Yesterday I turned in a survey for a FREE beverage and the receipt she gave me had ANOTHER survey on it. How awesome is that? I used that survey today and well, today's Diet Dr. Pepper was lacking...either missing the Cherry flavor I asked for or something because it just didn't taste right. Can't complain though considering it was free. :)

~the in law visit is going fine. the only "issue" to arise so far is that after repeatedly mentioning to O last week that I will be working Monday to build up a bank of hours, last night he springs on me that his mom and dad are going to be tourists on Monday "since I'll be home"...when I reminded him that I was working, he nearly flew off the handle saying that he didn't want his mom stuck in the house the whole time. I am TOTALLY fine with all of that, but it would have been nice if he actually told me that last week so I wouldn't have to look like a complete moron in front of my boss this morning when I tell her than I actually cannot work on Monday as planned. Why did God give men ears? Clearly they DON'T use them.

~oh I guess there is actually one other issue. I have two 5K races this weekend. Saturday morning & Sunday afternoon. I've been registered for them for quite some time now. Turns out that on Sunday O and his parents are going to some museum that is at least one hour away and, well, you guessed it, they certainly won't be back in time for my 2pm race. Thankfully my mom is not busy and she can come watch E while I go do the run. Have I mentioned my great dislike for last minute changes and such? I am a freakin' planner people!!! Tell me ahead of time.

~I wish I was a fan of motorcycles because I would go out and buy one TODAY so that I could park within 30 seconds of my office building as opposed to the ridiculous 8-10 minute walk I have now!! And I'm all for walking & exercise but really, I don't want to be all sweaty upon arrival at my office at 8am!!! no thank you.

~I am fortunate to have a healthy little boy and I am thankful for that, however in exchange for his health I apparently received "the little boy who wouldn't sleep"...if you've been reading for anytime at all, you know all about our sleep "issues"...after the weaning, things were going well, we went into the bedroom at 9pm, read a book & layed down to sleep. Well, there has been a drastic son is a rebel. He pitches the biggest fit about going to bed now, doesn't give a hoot about the books he used to LOVE to read and instead walks around the house crying @ the top of his lungs pointing to the fridge or other things he thinks he wants, but then when you open the fridge, he doesn't want anything. It's rather say the least. He was waking at 1am-2am and doing this same thing or wanting to go lay on the couch to fall back asleep...thankfully that has quit (for now anyway)...but this bedtime routine is killing me folks. And to make matters worse, I'm so worried about him waking in the middle of the night and having to go through all of the screaming again, that I am afraid to roll over or move in any way during the night, so guess who is constantly waking throughout the night due to extreme discomfort...or being whacked in the face by a little hand or foot?!?! Yay me! Oh and my 18 month old son is the biggest freakin' bed hog. ever!


Goose said...

I don't understand the $1.29 I tunes songs and I won't pay for them either

~**Dawn**~ said...

I think they do that for newer songs. They go down to .99 after a while. They are preying on people's impatience. =P

I would so totally inform E that Mommy is going to sleep in his bed. =P I owuldn't care if it were too small. I bet you'd still have more room.

Optimistic Pessimist said...

Yay to free drinks!

Wishing you lots of luck with your races.

p.s. when I ran 5K's I never got under 25 minutes. I'm more about slow and steady than speed!

Travel & Dive Girl said...

I agree on the itunes pricing - craziness. I won't pay for them either.

Good luck on your upcoming races - don't worry about anyone else's time, just focus on your own; provided you can get some sleep ;)

emilysuze said...

I've been wondering about the $1.29 thing on iTunes myself. Lame.

You are so soda savvy! I love Sonic and the flavors they add to drinks but the closest Sonic is an hour away. The commercials that they show on tv are such a tease since it's so far away.

How do kids not sleep at night and then still have plenty of energy to run around during the day?!? Good luck with finding something that works with E so you can get some much needed sleep.

Anonymous said...

I think some kids are just stubborn and it doesn't matter which "sleep method" you try, they're going to do what they want and will sleep long when they're good and ready. And I feel very authorized to make that observation since I am dealing with two girls exactly the same age, one sleeps through the night and one who wakes up and screams whenever she damn well pleases. . .and I have done the EXACT SAME THING with each of them.

K13 said...

Goose: it's highway robbery in my opinion.

Dawn: iTunes won't win with me. I'm holding out for the .99 songs. If E's bed didn't have a 50lb weight limit, I would do that, but considering that I exceed that weight limit more than I'd like to admit, well, I'm stuck.

OP: thanks for the luck. good thing you never got under 25min or i'd have to stop reading your blog. lol.

TravelGirl: at races I only worry about my own time and hopefully improving it, but I don't want to read about other peoples super duper lightning fast speed on their blogs. no thanks. :)

Em: I actually like ChickFila Diet Dr P better, there is something about it, but I go to Sonic because they are cheaper or FREE. I wish I knew where E got his energy from. Like the saying goes "I wish I could bottle it"

Amy: I like your reasoning.

Rachel said...


This is for the inlaw visit and O's inability to hear what you're saying.

Good luck with this weekend. You can do it!

Beth said...

Men have ears? I did not know that!

Good luck on those races. You are going to do great! And I totally understand you not following the fast runners. They complain about a slow 25 minute race when I'm happy with a 36 minute one. Really, I'm just happy to finish the race each time.

Señorita Andalucíana said...

Hope you don't think this is rude but considering that your M-I-L is supposed to be the baby whisperer, how come she doesn't take E to the museum with her?

Otherwise good luck in your races! You are much better at keeping to a schedule! Wish I had that prowess...

em said...

Some thoughts.

A. You should read my blog. It would say something like "Once Emily tried to run around the block. And then she passed out." It would make YOU feel like an advanced runner!

B. iTunes. Agreed. Bullshit.

C.Sonic. Yum. We got one by my 15 minutes from it, but in the opposite direction of home. Now you have me thinking that I might have to pick up Miri and we may need to have some celebratory Sonic know in honor of surviving the first week. ;)

D. I refuse to read the paragraph about E and his sleep. I like to kid myself into thinking that all babies sleep fabulously, in hopes of projecting those thoughts onto Miri. ;)

K13 said...

Em-you are so funny!! I think you should celebrate at Sonic with Miri tomorrow!! Your sleep comment still has me laughing. We had another battle tonight! This phase needs to move right along cuz I'm over it!