Friday, August 28, 2009

Stats Report

Thank you to all who took my little blogging/twitter survey the other day. I appreciate your help.

Here are a few interesting facts that I found based on your answers:

1) more of my blog readers (or the 47 total survey participants) are in the 30-39 age group. 26 vs. 21 in the 20-29 group.

2) The average (mean) # of hours per week spent on blogging for 20-29 age group is 11.095 while the 30-39 age group reported 10.961 - pretty close on those.

3) The least # of hours reported spent per week blogging was 3 and the most was 35!!

4) 23% of respondents don't Twitter. 11/47 people reported ZERO Twitter use!

5) The highest # of hours reported spent per week on Twitter was 60! That equates to 8.5 hours per day across a 7 day week!! I'm skeptical on whether that was a typo and should have only been a 6, but I have no way of knowing, so I've left it in there. The next highest was 30 hours!! That's ALOT of Twitter time.


~**Dawn**~ said...

I wonder if, on the Twitter thing, people are counting how many hours per day it's open? I mean it's (Twhirl) open for me from 8-4:30 at work & then at home from 5-ish til whenever I go to bed. But I basically calculated the total number of hours it's open & then estimated that I actually use it about 5-10 minutes out of every hour (it really only takes a few seconds to check updates or tweet something--10 minutes would cover when we're having a rapid-fire conversation) & then I made my answer based on that. But I bet not everyone thought it out that far. ;-)

emilysuze said...

I spend way too much time reading/stalking people's blogs and playing around on Facebook to add Twitter to the mix. So far I've managed to stay completely away from the craze and I'm hoping to keep it that way! :)

Anonymous said...

3 hours blogging, that's me! I think it's a fair assessment.

Beth said...

I signed up for Twitter and then never tweeted. I really don't have the time.

Plus, I don't think 140 characters is enough for me to complete a rant.

omchelsea said...

I'm a bit of a non-tweeter and more of a looker... and I'm with you on the ranting, Beth.

Optimistic Pessimist said...

very interesting. thanks for sharing.