Tuesday, August 04, 2009


~i may be a skeptic, but I seem to be encountering a lot of blogs with posts that just sound a shitload bit off from the truth. that's all i say about that. it's no one I've been following for a while, but just a few random blogs here and there. strange.

~i often feel inferior (or stupid) around those I work with mainly because they all are much younger than me and already have their Masters degree. (i have age issues, I know)

~i'd rather be comfortable than fashionable.

~i wanted to punch this gal in the face the other day. she recognized me from a recent 5K race I did. (which freaked me out since there were 1200+ people there!) she proceeded to say how she's never been a runner, but just went out one day about a month ago and ran while her mom rode her bike and before she knew it, she had ran 2 miles. then she said she came in first in her age group and she runs at a 7-8 minute mile pace. and then she said she has a 10 month old. and then i wanted to punch her. it's not fair that running is SO *&^%$# easy for some people. I freakin' hate that. and she was so non-chalant about it, like it's just a walk in the park -literally for her.

~i'm putting together a few card kits which will include all you need to create 3-4 cards (with instructions) to sell on Etsy. I fear no one will buy them. but i'm still gonna try (again).

~i do not have a bathing suit for the beach next week. well, i do have one that fits, but it's black and I only bought it to go swim laps @ the gym way back when E would tolerate being left at the gym child care. I was hoping to wear the pair of super cute pink/brown surf shorts that I have, but I tried to pour all my fatness into them last night - to no avail. they don't fit. yet. despite all the running. it's too late to order a suit now and besides, I'd just frighten everyone away with all my fatness all over the place.

~i may drop $100's at the Margaritaville store/restaurant next week and I really need all of you to say it's "ok" despite that I really shouldn't...I just can't help it...I'm ADDICTED to all things Jimmy Buffett.

~i had an awesome dream last night. well part of it wasn't awesome, but the part where I was making out with a friend from high school was indeed awesome. and i liked it! i'm tempted to call him (we still talk) and tell him, he'd get a kick out of it. but maybe I'll just savor it for myself instead.


~**Dawn**~ said...

I think a lot of people embellish on their blogs. I don't so much embellish as intentionally leave things unblogged. ;-)

You know what? Bragging runner girl might be one of those people who embellish. =P

I say a) splurge a little (and then save up to splurge a little at WDW in March!!) and b) savor. Nothing beats walking around with a smug mysterious expression on your face.

M.J. said...

I will admit that I often doubt the authenticity of some of the happy-all-the-time blogs I encounter....

Mrs. Newlywed said...

I agree on the blog thing. There seems to be some shadiness going on these days.

And? No judgment from me on the Margaritaville thing. A girl has needs.

Señorita Andalucíana said...

OK runner girl is full of BS, even if she is naturally thin (by that I mean laxatives) endurance/stamina are not inherent to humans. Everyone has to build up to 2 miles for the first time. I'd say those spots were painted on that cheetah!

As for Maragritaville, that is what vacations were made for. Splurge! Delight! And have tons of fun!

Travel & Dive Girl said...

I say it's a conspiracy in the making because I too own a pair for those damn surfer shorts and have never for the life of me been able to wear them. No matter how much I exercise - they still look hideous.

I LOVE Jimmy Buffett too! You have my permission to buy on without guilt.

Jennifer said...

I think you need some "retail therapy", and I can think of no better place than Margaritaville to get it! Have a WONDERFUL time. This is our first year not going in a couple years, and it's sad not to go. Enjoy it!!

JW.BW said...

Oh geez... I loathe bathing suit shopping, its pretty traumatizing most of the time. Good luck girl!!

Anonymous said...

No 100s, but maybe 50s? If you don't buy what you want, you'll end up buying lots of other things you don't want later, and end up spending more. Kind of like the "eat a cookie if you want one, because otherwise you'll eat tons of other things and still wind up eating the cookie."

I'd be too embarrassed to tell the guy I made out with! But of course, i don't make out with anybody in my dreams except my husband. =)

Wenny said...

Hi Krystyn, it's been a long while since I popped in here.

The fact that you're exercising (running) and joining races is already a big plus point to be proud of yourself. Get rid of the runner girl from your mind. She's a negative influence you do not need. Appreciate all your achievements so far, big or small does not matter and things will definitely more forward for the better ~ that's the law of attraction. Believe me, it works!

Btw, just to let you know, you've been tagged. Hope you'll check it out at http://insidemybubbletoday.blogspot.com/2009/08/today-inside-my-bubble.html

Rachel said...

I wish running came easily to me as well. It comes easily to my sister, but I struggle.

and WTF... maybe you should be creeped out by her recognizing you.

K13 said...

Dawn: I don't get the embellishing thing either. Ugh. I kept the dream to myself and the smug look all day yesterday.

MJ: me too.

Mrs. N: lots of shadiness for sure. Margaritaville=Needs for me. LOL!

Senorita A: well even if runner girl isn't embellishing, she was ridiculously self-centered about it all and I was getting sick of hearing her. Not to mention that it freaks me OUT big time that she even recognized me. We were in a scrapbook store for Pete's sake!!

Travel Girl:my shorts looked good on me in early 2007, but alas they still don't quite fit now. boo!!!

Jennifer: I will be making some fun purchases at M'ville for sure!! Cannot wait!

Jessi: I won't be shopping for a suit. I'll just wear some comfy shorts & tshirt and lay in the sun or play with E like that. Refuse.To.Buy.A.Suit.

Amy: no it won't be 100s. Me and dream guy are good friends, but I still kept dream to myself.

Wenny:hoping I don't "run" into runner girl at a future race. I know we are both scheduled for at least one other race.

Rachel: ugh. why can't running be easier?!?! And YES I'm SUPER freaked out that she recognized me! We were in a scrapbook store, of all places...not like we were at Dick's Sporting Goods or the New Balance Store. Geesh! Freaky!!

KekeLynn said...

Yes you should def buy everything you want from the Margaritaville place!!!! And something for me too ofcourse! haha

Lisa Michelle said...

I want to go to Margaritaville. *Jealous*

Keep running girl. You are meeting such great and awesome goals..I just wish I could run..:-(

And I like having scandalous dreams...Rock on girl!

Krystyn said...

No lies here:)

Education should be on your own time!

And, heck yes, comfort over fashion!

foobella said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who is skeptical of various other bloggers. Is it not enough for them to "fake" happy to their friends and neighbors that they also have to "fake" it in cyberspace? Makes you think if they also have a private blog that is all full of vile.

I know it's probably easier said than done, but somehow you've got to try to look at your self as your coworkers probably do. You're a mother of an almost 18 month old who has gone back to school to get her masters. I'm sure they all look up to YOU.

No comment on the running girl. She can bite me.

As for the bathing suit issue. It can bite me in my big fat rear end. I haven't put on one in a few years, something of which the other beach goers should be thankful for. =P

I am a firm believer in retail therapy...in moderation. Every paycheck I buy myself something as a treat. How expensive it is depends on whether or not I worked overtime that pay period.

As for the dream. Just tell us about it and not the dude. BUT, if he is unmarried you can hold that thought until you are free of O and then I'd tell him for sure.

Anonymous said...

I understand what you're saying with the lacking truth thought. I'm a very trusting person and so I naturally believe whatever I read. When a red flag goes off in my mind I know there's a problem.

Oh and margaritaville... Spend your money lover. You freaking deserve the fun that will come.

Have a blast on your vacay.

Optimistic Pessimist said...

i hate people that can run so well so fast at a fast pace. while it's true running has become easier for me i;ve put a lot of work into it and i've suffered through a lot of pain and soreness to get to where i am now and i'm not even at a super quick pace.

The only reason you didn't read about all the sweat and tears is because i wasn't blogging then.