Friday, January 01, 2010

2010 To Do List

~there is no sense in making a Resolutions list, because let's face it, I NEVER accomplish them and have quit making resolutions for years now. besides, the only one I could come up with right now would be to lose weight and I started that back in November anyway!!

~So a few things I would like to do in 2010 are...

~run the WDW Princess Half Marathon with a respectable time & not come in last place.

~travel home to Michigan to visit friends.

~travel to Chicago for fun (and meet Em?!?!) - I miss that place...big time!!

~feel happier...although I have no idea how I'll accomplish that one ("fake it, til ya' make it")???

~have a sense of hopefulness.

~learn to free-motion quilt.

~find a (legal) and respectable way to earn a little extra income, like maybe via Etsy or something....

~lose an additional 20 pounds.

~have increased self confidence.

~travel back to DFW in June for my cousin/godson's high school graduation.


~**Dawn**~ said...

I don't believe in "resolutions." I always have a list of personal goals going. I add new items as they arise & it's a lifelong running list. The closest I get to resolutions are to decide which goals I *really* want to focus on in the coming year, but even that is open to revision.

Kris said...

Nice list. happy New year!!!

em said...

Great list! I especially like the part about coming to visit me. ;) ;)
I need to make a list...though at the end of the year I will just feel like a failure again because I never do half the things I want to!!

Lisa Michelle said...

Okay if you make it to Chicago, I am coming down to meet you...I am only about 4.5 hours away...That is, if you will have me!!! I don't want to steal Em's thunder! Eeek!!

philly5113 said...

I don't do the resolution thing either but have things I'd like to do and chip away at. You certainly have a few items from my list on yours like travel, not to the same places or reasons, but travel, make some extra income above board and definately find peace and happiness through out the year.
Here's wishing you and your family a successful and happy New Year!

lindsay said...

i like to set some goals... teaches me to be more realistic (for the most part) and helps keep me focused. to do lists, i'm not too great at crossing things off ;) and resolutions, those are for the birds!

happy new year :)